TAG Heuer launches game-changing upgrade of Connected Golf Edition

TAG Heuer launches game-changing upgrade of Connected Golf Edition

Upgrade version introduces improved mapping and innovative club recommendation tool

Swiss luxury watch brand TAG Heuer has just released a revamped and upgraded version of its  popular Connected Golf Edition. The upgrade features the world premiere of enhanced maps as well a club recommendation tool.

The TAG Heuer Connected Golf Edition has always stood out for its unique mapping technology, displaying interactive 2D maps on the watch and realistic 3D courses on the phone. The new Connected now displays upgraded 2D maps with even more details, including forests and single trees, while the mobile application comes with massive 3D map improvements, as all textures (water, rough, fairway, etc) and assets (trees, walls) have been upgraded.

On iOS devices, TAG Heuer innovated by using SceneKit, the latest Apple high-level 3D graphics framework, to make the 3D renderings more detailed than ever. IOS users will even enjoy simulated shot trajectory for better post-round visualisation on their phones. The overall feel and design make the experience more realistic than ever and recall the visuals seen on telecasts of professional tournaments.

One of the new features on the watch is the innovative club recommendation tool. As the user moves the target on the map, he is recommended the right club based on distance. The user can first set up distances for each of his club, and the watch will then take into account the shots he recorded for even better recommendation. The feature can be easily disabled for players in tournaments or on courses where its use is not allowed.

Keeping score on the watch is one of the features most appreciated by Golf Edition owners. The revamped now enables visualises the score in stroke play, stableford or match play, making the watch perfect for friendly rounds as well as competitions. The app now has accurate, up-to-date maps of more than 40,000 courses around the world.

The shot tracking feature, activated by the top pusher, also records shot distance as the player walks to the ball. For iOS users, shot trajectory is then simulated and displayed on the 3D maps on the phone for post-round analysis. The unique Driving Zone feature, launched last year, automatically shows players the landing zone of their previous tee shots, helping them adopt the strategy that suits them best.

The new TAG Heuer Connected Golf Edition features an ultra-lightweight 45mm black titanium case that reflects the design and refined finish of the brand’s renowned chronographs. It comes with a dedicated travel pouch and golf accessory box. It is presented on a special white rubber strap with green stitching and a texture that resembles the pattern on a golf ball, as well as a black perforated rubber alternative for everyday and more formal uses.

The experience on the wrist is complemented by the TAG Heuer mobile companion app that allows for even greater personalisation and insights into the wearer’s other sport activities, such as running, cycling or fitness. TAG Heuer has also added a new Wellness App to its digital ecosystem, which allows wearers to help wearers stay fit and in good shape – simply and effectively – while maintaining their lifestyles.


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