Blot Out the Sun in Stylish Sunglasses

Sunglasses make the best useful holiday gift… here’s why!

Gifting a pair of sunglasses to loved ones for the holidays makes for a thoughtful choice. Sure, while giving eyewear for Christmas or the new year may be a little unconventional for some, why not shake it up this year’s round of gifting with a more unique accessory? Best of all, sunglasses are used year round: think of our abundance of sunny days, hide-your-dark-circles days and days when you just need that extra cool touch…

But perhaps you may need some suggestions when it comes to gifting that perfect pair of sunnies to that special someone? Fret not… eyewear conglomerate Luxottica – the world’s largest company in the eyewear industry – has got your back!

Sporting Standards

Starting off strong with a very recent micro-trend of 2022, sporty frames are probably the most standout style of the year. Seen on runways and on the streets, frames from the usual suspects like Oakley, Burberry, Ray-Ban and Giorgio Armani have a distinctly futuristic look about this time around. Pair them with baggy tracksuit pants and a sporty zip-up hoodie to exude the essence of edgy, sporty look.


 Sunglasses With a Y2K vibe

Y2K fashion calls back to the biggest trends of the late 90s and early 2000s. It blends the pop culture of the millennium with bright colours and kitschy aesthetics, creating an unapologetically maximalist look with playful colours, unique curvature and details have made their comeback in these trendy pieces. Whether you’re going to a party, or a casual dinner, these quirky fun frames have the details you need to take Y2K fashion to the next level whilst spicing up your festive season.


Perfect Party Pair of Sunglasses

Having a killer set of shade, or several, is good, but knowing how to use them is better. Beyond offering excellent protection for your eyes, sunglasses are a statement accessory for all outfits, from casual to business to parties and more.! Get into the party mood with Oakley, Burberry, Ray-Ban and more. After all, Christmas is a fabulous time for get-togethers so dress up for the occasion with a pair of acetate metal frames for a subtle but still very festive look. A square frame with gradient lenses is a go for a retro chic party feel.


There’s Always a Time for Classics

A white Oxford shirt, perfectly fitted khakis, and that just-right tote bag – they’re wardrobe staples. You’ll wear them dressed up and dressed down for years and years. And doesn’t it make sense that your eyeglasses are classics, too? While cool, trendy pieces are great, classics that cut a casual, simple style with plenty of lightweight comfort are just the frames to complete an evergreen outfit for more chilled, daytime events.


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