Rolex Perpetual Planet Documentary Highlights the Earth’s Environmental Challenges

Rolex Perpetual Planet Documentary Highlights the Earth’s Environmental Challenges

Rolex discovers the challenges our oceans face today and the solutions that can be taken to make a real change.

Rolex Perpetual Planet initiative gives support to the Earth’s environmental challenges with the release of a documentary Perpetual Planet: Heroes of the Oceans. The documentary highlights the work of legendary oceanographer Sylvia Earle together with a cast of pioneering marine scientists. The documentary tells the story of the work and study undertaken across the world to protect the ocean’s fragile ecosystem. It highlights the impact of climate change, marine extinction, pollution and the initiatives rolled out to protect our ocean.

Rolex’s Conservation Legacy

Rolex Perpetual Planet

Emma Camp searching for resilient corals that save the Great Barrier Reef.

This is documentary is part of the Perpetual Planet initiative to support those who are searching for solutions to conserve the ocean. It is part of Rolex’s legacy as a company that has traditionally fostered exploration for the sake of discovery.

Through Rolex’s partnerships and programs, the brand supports these explorers and their dedication to the conservation of the environment. The company has moved from championing exploration for the sake of discovery to protecting the planet and reinforcing its commitment by launching the Perpetual Planet initiative in 2019.

Rolex Perpetual Planet

Brad Norman tagging a whale shark off the coast of Western Australia.


The Perpetual Planet initiative, for now, focuses on three key areas: supporting individuals who contribute to a better world through the Rolex Awards for Enterprise; preserving the oceans, notably through the company’s association with Mission Blue; and understanding climate change through data as part of its enhanced association with National Geographic.Watch Perpetual Planet: Heroes of the Oceans Documentary here.

Perpetual Planet: Heroes of the Oceans


In the latest hour-long documentary Sylvia Earle, founder of Mission Blue – a partner in Perpetual Planet – narrates the documentary. The documentary focuses on a spectacular underwater world, discovering the challenges our oceans face today and the solutions that can be taken to make a real change. Almost a third of ocean life has been destroyed due to climate change and human activity.

It features the work of six marine scientists, five of whom are Rolex Award Laureates; Angélique Pouponneau, who is a Mission Blue champion for the Seychelles; and Ghislain Bardout, co-founder and Director of the Under The Pole expeditions.

The Heroes

Rolex Perpetual Planet

Sylvia Earle on Caldesi Island in the Florida Gulf Coast Hope spot near Dunedin where she grew up and fell in love with the ocean.

Sylvia Earle has been involved with Rolex through exploration since 1970. President and Co-Chairman of Mission Blue, oceanographer, explorer, author of more than 225 publications and lecturer.

Rolex Perpetual Planet

Marine Scientist and 2019 Rolex Awards Laureate Emma camp working to ensure reef resilience at Australia’s Great Barrier Reef.

Emma Camp, 2019 Rolex Awards Associate Laureate, reveals how she has developed coral nurseries on the Great Barrier reef and offers hope for other vulnerable reefs around the world.

Rolex Perpetual Planet

Michel Andre uses Bioacoustics to study and monitor the rich biodiversity of the Mamiraua sustainable development reserve.

In Antarctica, Michel André, 2002 Rolex Awards Laureate, is deploying pioneering new technology to listen to the ocean’s acoustic environment and help protect this pristine ocean from the threat of noise pollution.

Rolex Perpetual Planet

Kerstin Forsberg protects giant Manta Rays by raising awareness and developing ecotourism.

In Peru, Kerstin Forsberg, 2016 Rolex Awards Laureate, protects endangered manta rays by improving ocean literacy through education, developing ecotourism, and by raising awareness and empowering the next generation to take control.

Rolex Perpetual Planet

Brad norman tracks whale sharks to improve knowledge that will help in their conservation.

Brad Norman, 2006 Rolex Awards Laureate, uses sophisticated electronic tagging to protect whale sharks in his native Australia and beyond.

Rolex Perpetual Planet

Vereni Haussermann received  a Rolex Award for Enterprise in 2016.

In the depths of the Chilean fjords of Patagonia, Vreni Häussermann, 2016 Rolex Awards Laureate, has been using mini submersibles to find previously unknown coral species and protect them.

Rolex Perpetual Planet

Angélique Pouponneau, Missiom Blue champion for The Seychelles.

Angélique Pouponneau represents a Mission Blue Hope Spot in the Seychelles. With the help of local communities, Mission Blue creates marine-protected ‘Hope Spots’ in areas of the oceans considered vital to the preservation of species or places where communities rely on a healthy marine environment for their livelihoods.


Rolex Perpetual Planet

Ghislain Bardout, is co-founder and leader of the Under The Pole expeditions supported by Rolex.

Ghislain Bardout is co-founder and leader of the Under The Pole expeditions, which Rolex supports. Bardout developed a special capsule that enables scientists to stay underwater for 72 hours at a time, gathering vital data to protect the oceans.

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