Revisit the dreamy fantasy of Le Petit Prince with Montblanc’s exploration of the beloved Novel

Revisit the dreamy fantasy of Le Petit Prince with Montblanc’s exploration of the beloved Novel

Written in the stars

Le Petit Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry is – without doubt – one of the most beloved books of all time. While childhood memories may evoke a sense of wonderment at the magical fox leaping through the pages, revisiting the tale as an adult reveals a surprisingly deep story full of life lessons. And if there’s one lesson we can take away from the whimsical tale, it is to never forget your inner child, the innocence, humanity and creativity of your true self. Indeed this is a tale that bears many layers that gets increasingly complex, the more you think of it. The minds behind Montblanc certainly think so as Nicolas Baretzki, CEO of Montblanc International, relayed his thoughts on the tale as a feast of hidden knowledge and humanity that explores the universal themes of imagination, open-mindedness and the value of human relationships.

It was in this spirit that the German purveyor of fine writing instruments presented the Meisterstück Le Petit Prince Special Edition. Released last April, Montblanc starts with the exploration of two iconic characters – the Little Prince and the fox. As revealed to the pilot narrator of the book, their relationship underscores the importance of close bonds, and how one can learn and grow from these interactions. It is an element that Montblanc expresses in this collection released with the intent of gifting it as a symbol of the value of a relationship.

Introducing the beloved characters in this form is the Meisterstück Le Petit Prince Special Edition writing instrument in inky blue hue of the night sky as seen by the prince when he gazes out to the universe from his tiny planet. Made of precious resin, this marks the first time the magnificent colour is seen on the cap and barrel of a Montblanc writing instrument. Meanwhile, the wise fox shows his face in a pattern around the milled cap adorned with platinum fittings. A snippet of conversation laden with meaning from the character’s first meeting is laser engraved onto the crown of the writing instrument: “Créer des liens? … Tu seras pour moi unique au monde”, which translates to “To establish ties? … To me, you will be unique in all the world.” Easing open the cap, the two are seen side by side under the stars as engravings on the 14K rhodium-plated nib.

Another fine component of the collection is the Meisterstück Le Petit Prince Doué Classique Edition that bears a platinum coated cap – patterned with the fox’s face – that shines bright against the blue lacquered barrel. If one recalls the tale of Le Petit Prince, in a touching farewell to the narrator, the prince tells him that he will hear his laughter when looking at the stars and, so, a golden star sparkles on the clip of the writing instrument. This star also shines on the delightful Meisterstück Le Petit Prince Solitaire in which the fox’s image dances around the entirety of the blued body. You can pen your thoughts on the tale or musings with these instruments fashioned in editions of fountain pen, roller ball and ballpoint pen.

While this evocative collection is most impressive with its interpretation of the 70-year-old fable, Montblanc is only just beginning its examination of Le Petit Prince as further interpretations will highlight other characters of the special story and the profound themes they convey.

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