Piaget Reveals Solstice High Jewellery

Solstice by Piaget epitomizes excellence and creativity.

Fine Jewellery brand Paiget continues to embody elegance in all of its creations while putting quality at the forefront. As seen in their newly unveiled collection, Solstice by Piaget. Within the walls of its “Ateliers de l’Extraordinaire,” master artisans have passed down master skills from generation to generation – transforming gold, stones, and precious gems into dazzling works of art.

Fit for a solstice celebration, Solstice pays tribute to Piaget’s two founding principles. The fluid style of the Voluptuous Ribbon and Generous Laces sets, inspired by Haute-Couture outfits, replicates the delicate asymmetry of glamorous fabric ribbons.

The Precious Adornment necklace complements the flexibility and movement of a precious gown with added luxury. The dazzling feathers on the Extravagant Touch watch become earrings, and the centre motif on the Flamboyant Nightfall necklace can be removed and clipped on a ring mounting.

Piaget is at the forefront of unique craftsmanship, designing exceptional stones into a delicate setting, showcasing their charm on valuable and fun-loving pieces.

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Photos Courtesy of Piaget


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