Penhaligons : A British Heritage Scent

Penhaligons has been around since 1870.


The British perfumery has been around since 1870 and has instilled British Tradition into their perfumes. Known to be the perfume of choice for the British Royal Family, the brand continues to tantalise our nostrils with exquisite scents.

Their scents are made for both males and females. The Portrait Collection takes you on a scent journey quite unlike any other. The collection pays tribute to the good old English spirit: stiff upper lip, caustic humour, and a knack for provocation.


We were delighted to sample Duchess Rose- A sensual Eau de Pafum with the sweet scent of roses and a hint of musky wood. The deep scent marries into your skin as one, creating a sweet and rich scent perfect for a night of glitz and glamour.

A Duchess must indeed have a Lord by her side, and Penhaligons’ have cleverly created a matching scent Lord George to complement. The scent is the embodiment of masculine elegance with a welcoming scent of shaving soap and warming rum. The perfume is the symbol of noble patriarch and Britishness.

The collection also includes The Inimitable William Penhaligon, the newest member of the family. View the full collection at  Escentials KLCC or online at

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