Patek Philippe and Cortina Watch Opens Second Boutique at JW Marriott Hotel

The official boutique opening of Patek Philippe and Cortina Watch in Kuala Lumpur honours the legacy of the brand.

The Opening of Patek Philippe and Cortina Watch’s second boutique Celebrates Legacy.

This is the second boutique for Patek Philippe and Cortina Watch is now open at JW Marriott Hotel Kuala Lumpur. The boutique opening had previously been postponed due to pandemic restrictions, the inauguration event finally took place in May 2022. Special guests were welcomed to celebrate this joyous occasion, which is an important milestone for the brand.

The reception area was transformed into a luxurious backdrop, as patrons got a sneak peek of the new boutique. The evening’s host extended a cordial welcome to everyone before welcoming Ms Deepa Chatrath, General Manager of Patek Philippe, and Mr Jeremy Lim, CEO of Cortina Watch, to give their speech.

All guests spent the entire evening exploring Patek Philippe and Cortina Watch at the exhibition area just to the left side of the boutique. What makes the event even more memorable for guests is that they get to try on the 2022 Patek Philippe luxurious watch collection which was on display in glass cabinets.

The evening ended on a sweet note with guests feeling privileged and beaming with joy at being among those to see the brand’s newest collection.

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