There’s No Mistaking A Piece of Jewellery Designed by Nadine Ghosn

The fine jewellery scene is in a playful mood. We speak to designer Nadine Ghosn on her hit eponymous jewellery label that fuses playfulness and precious materials.
Nadine Ghosn

Nadine Ghosn

There’s no mistaking a piece of jewellery designed by Nadine Ghosn. The designer has mastered the art of turning mundane everyday objects into bold statement pieces that bring out the wearer’s fun spirit.

Currently based in Singapore, the Brazilian-American-Lebanese launched her namesake brand in 2015 with no prior background in design. After graduating from Stanford University, Ghosn went on to work at Boston Consulting Group, focusing on the luxury sector before moving on to a stint at Hermes’ fine jewellery department.

Her head-turning designs have since attracted the likes of A-listers from the late Karl Lagerfeld (who adored her diamond- encrusted headphones necklace), Pharell, Beyoncé, and even pastry chef Cédric Grolet, who Ghosn has collaborated with on several pieces including an 18k gold croissant charm.

Ghosn, (who is the daughter of former Renault chairman and chief executive Carlos Ghosn) has always had a love for jewellery, “I would love to stack and style beads, plastic rings and collect whatever sparkled,” she says.

The idea to bring a sense of playfulness into her designs is brought on by looking at the world through a humorous and playful lens. “Many of the collections hint towards our inner child bringing back the childhood nostalgia of familiar figures we come across and inviting us to own and reinterpret them as adults,” says Ghosn.

While the classic signature pieces from the big fine jewellery houses remain popular, there’s no denying there is a shift in the fine jewellery scene as consumers veer to independent, artisanal pieces crafted by jewellers who bring a fresh new spin to a traditional industry and Ghosn believes the fine jewellery space is constantly in motion.

“I believe big brands are going to look to fine jewellers to help supplement creativity inside their organisation,” she says. “I also believe the competition today challenges you to get creative and take risks leading to more diversity.”

Social media also plays a key role in bringing these new makers to the forefront and is a tool that has greatly helped Ghosn’s visibility in the industry.

“I feel very lucky I started during the age of Instagram progression,” she says. “It democratised the space for people like me who had no background in jewellery – offering a universal platform for editors to see brands and new brands alike.”

Ghosn, who is a “one-woman show” in managing her social media channels, speaks directly to her followers to provide a glimpse into her universe, giving a personal touch to her brand. “Without social media, it is fair that I wouldn’t be where I am today,” she adds.

Nadine Ghosn

This is true of some of her most well- known pieces. The hamburger ring, a stack of six rings in 18k rose gold and precious gems such as diamonds, sapphires and rubies, is one of her most “viral pieces”. It didn’t take long for her designs to catch the attention of some of the most prestigious retailers around the world including Bergdorf Goodman and Colette in Paris.

One could say that the novelty of these pieces, or the “if you know, you know” appeal, is part of what makes the wearer feel empowered when they wear one of Ghosn’s designs.

“I hope people feel empowered to express themselves differently,” she says of how she hopes people feel when they wear her designs. “But most importantly I hope they feel connected to their inner child – the part of them that is curious, pure and joyful.”


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