DeGem Toi Et Moi Rings: When two sparkle meet as one

“Toi Et Moi” means “you and me” in French.

However, in the world of jewellery, it carries a different meaning.  Toi Et Moi is the representation of a beautiful connection between two soulmates with two very different energies but equal power that enriches and complements each other’s lives by being put into the form of jewellery.

De Gem introduces their new collection “Toi Et Moi” rings, featuring precious gemstones in vivid pastel hues and in a style in which two complementing gemstones are set together.

Legendary icons such as Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Ariana Grande, and Megan Fox are enthusiasts of the Toi Et Moi rings. The collection features Emeralds, Aquamarines, and lustrous Spinals in vibrant fruity hues ranging from peachy pink to grape purple. Each ring’s colour combination is truly unique, as it has been expertly paired based on colour intensity and sparkle.

These special rings from De Gem make an ideal anniversary gift or engagement ring because it depicts a beautiful romantic expression with two reflections meeting as one. It also conveys a strong and empowering message to modern strong women, as the gemstones represent duality in character, honouring a woman’s strength, responsibility, and power. It is the ideal strong modern piece to own.

DeGem is a top choice because it is a mine-to-market jeweller with exclusive access to ethical miners who select the finest gems. This artfully designed collection of stunning pieces of jewellery crafted by a team of in-house master craftsmen is now available at all DeGem boutiques in Malaysia. The full collection can be viewed here .


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