Degem Unveils Fetching Jewellery Pieces To Celebrate The Year Of The Dog

Degem Unveils Fetching Jewellery Pieces To Celebrate The Year Of The Dog

Man’s best friend now lasts forever.

Besides being one of the most loyal companions known to man, in Chinese astrology, the zodiac dog is also an auspicious animal, often heralding the coming of good fortune. And seeing as how the coming Chinese New Year or Lunar New Year will mark the start of the year of the dog, DeGem is offering jewellery pieces inspired by the canine in their Auspicious Jewellery Collection.

Fortune Canine collection

The word ‘LOVE’ was delicately fashioned to incorporate a puppy in its design, offering a golden puppy adorned with diamonds on its eye and ear.

What better way to ensure a prosperous 2018 than with a pendant literally of the word ‘prosperity’ forged out of 916 gold. Throw in a frame of sparkling diamonds, and it is the perfect gift to usher in the new year.

For the more playful, this golden puppy brings with it a diamond studded money bag. If that doesn’t say wealth, we don’t know what will.

This mesmerizing jade disc is a fantastic representation of the moon while the young pup gazes at the star in its centre, represented by a brilliant diamond.

Soleluna, designed by DeGem

For a less literal representation, this jewellery piece from Soleluna is one of an origami puppy in rose gold complete with a diamond encrusted tie that swings horizontally.

Lattice series from DeGem’s ARchT collection

This fantastic pieces utilise precious stones including blue lapis lazuli, silky white mother of pearl and luscious green malachite to bring hues of colour to the new year celebration.

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