Celebrate this holiday season with some sparkle with our crafty Christmas list

Celebrate this holiday season with some sparkle with our crafty Christmas list

I just want you for my own.

It’s about that time of the year again, where the annual anxiety hits us as we realise just how many presents we need to get, before Christmas dawns any closer. Shopping malls are filled to the throng, nearly all stores are waiting for new stock to arrive,  and all in all, the whole experience can be a little dizzying, a little magical and also a lot confusing.

But sit back, relax and review some of the stunners that The Peak has compiled for their Christmas Wishlist Jewellery Edition. These high jewels will dazzle and seduce your loved ones on Christmas morning with their stunning style, glitzy diamonds and all round enrapturing look.


ARchT Collection

Renowned for their classic style and timeless designs, DeGem has begun to explore a whole different terrain with their ARchT collection. Inspired by famous architecture from around the world, the compelling blend of geometrical patterns and special-cut gemstones will have you looking your best, with a touch of world traveller glamour, to add to the look. The collection serves up three very distinct series, all of which showcase a scintillating array of precious stones such as the cabochon tanzanites, pear shaped spinels, sugar loaf emeralds, cushion cut diamonds, malachite and lapis lazuli. An amalgamation of three very distinct cultures and influences, the three series within the collection are “Arches of Pride”, “The Venetian Influence” and “The Oriental Lattice.”

The Arches of Pride collection draws influence from the Byzantine era and brings back the arches and domes, popular in English Gothic architecture of the 13th and 14th century Ottoman Empire. With the Venetian Influence series, prepare to be blown away by the intricate detail of the carved twisted knot motif, that can be found on the facade of the Basilica San Marco in Venice, Italy. A Venetian symbol for wealth and power, lady luck is sure to be on your side with the jewels from this series strung around your decolletage. Hailing from the Han Dynasty is the final series from the collection, the Oriental Lattice. The lattice design was developed based on mathematical algorithms to form symmetrical patterns, from which a simple mirror line can expand into a multiplicity of designs. This melting pot of a collection offers a diversely beautiful choice as a christmas gift for your loved ones, to bring a part of the world into your home.

De Beers

Ra Collection

As we chase the sun for even the tiniest drop of sunshine to uplift the spirit, De Beers has managed to captured the entirety of the sun with “Ra”, their high jewellery collection that displays itself as a homage to the Egyptian god of the sun, Ra. The ultimate manifestation of eternal life, the Ancient Egyptians considered Ra the creator of the world, with his image adorned with the sacred ankh, a symbol of divinity, set with a diamond to represent the diffusion of the sun’s energy. Taking inspiration from its namesake, the Ra collection recreates the splendour of the sun god with an array of pear-shaped yellow diamonds and yellow diamond pavé  forms, with the Egyptian sun hieroglyph and ankh motif. A gorgeous medallion takes centre stage with a 3 carat yellow diamond, set on a sautoir chain of yellow round diamonds, glittering brilliantly., with marquise and princess-cut diamonds, suspended between white pavé motifs.

For those who crave flexibility and versatility in their lives, do not fret, the medallion comes with a detachable central and outer motif, and can be worn as a pendant and brooch, when one feels like adding a touch of sophisticated chic to their outfit. Similarly, the chain can also be worn alone, its elaborate design worthy of standing out on its own, sans the medallion. To complete the entire look, the sparkle of the sun is caught in two pairs of earrings and a ring set with a 2.04 carat yellow diamond. You truly will be walking on sunshine, with this look at the helm.


Nature Triomphante

Mother Nature hosts beauty so unrivalled that it would be in poor taste to imitate her work, however with Boucheron and their collection “Nature Triomphante”, they reimagine the beauty and triumphant energy of Mother Nature, in a way that we can finally admire and own, without losing any of its raw beauty. In honour of the brands 160 years of creation and innovation, Boucheron has decided to grant eternal life to the beauty and vitality of nature, with their cutting edge scientific technique combined with ancestral expertise of their workshops.

Within their collection is the series “Boucheron Naturaliste”, which shows us the height of precision and 3D technology, when it comes to creating delicately stunning pieces to be work across one’s neck on a lively night out. The inaugural chapter within the series transcribes, to the most minute of details, leaves and modest flowers, imperfections and all. Exactly like Mother Nature would. Look like the goddess Persephone herself as you step out in a Fougäre necklace curled cosily around your neck, paved with diamonds on white gold, with a matching pair of earrings and ring or if a statement maker is more your style, try the Lierre de Paris necklace, set with black spinels and paved with diamonds on white gold, with a delicate leaf arrangement adorning the centre. Embrace mother earth as she has us, with “Nature Triomphante.”

Van Cleef & Arpels

Quatre Contes de Grimm Collection

Step into the world of magic and mythicality with the “Quatre Contes de Grimm” collection from Van Cleef & Arpels. A whimsically wonderful collection that invites joy and wonder into the heart, through a high jewellery collection imbued with poetry and dreams, this fairytale collection is unlike another and makes us want to throw ourselves into the roles of princesses, golden enchanted birds and town musicians alike, as the Grimm stories go. Enchantingly retold, the stories from the Brothers Grimm are renowned for shaping our childhood and enriching our imaginations. In the “Quatre Contes de Grimm” collection we come across a specific story told through the voice of jewellery. The tale of 12 young princesses, who were dearly beloved by their father, yearned to leave the castle and dance and socialise at balls,  however were disallowed by their father from doing so. Their exuberance at sneaking out every night in their dancing shoes and returning before dawn broke, would confuse the King who would see worn down dancing shoes yet was reaffirmed that all 12 girls were asleep in this castle.

This endearing and loving story of a strict father and his children come together in several spectacular pieces from the collection, such as the Rubans de princesse necklace and earrings set. Hosting 3 pear-shaped diamonds, a total of 22.87 carats, diamonds and a necklace with detachable pendants and earrings. When the pear-diamonds detach, the necklace metamorphoses, much like the princesses at night, into a pendant that can be worn on a gold chain and the other two can embellish a pair of earrings. Or maybe the Traversée étoilée bracelet is more your colour, with 2 pear-shaped sapphires, surrounded by turquoise, diamonds and regular sapphires, totalling up to around 50.03 carats. These two sapphire facing each other as the cuff of the bracelet, represent the two boats the twelve daughters used to escape the castle every night to set of dancing the twilight away.  Strip away from reality and step back into the pages of the book, like the queen you are, with the “Quatre Contes de Grimm” collection, it’s a great read, I assure you, for the holidays.

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