Cartier new Magnitude Collection celebrates unexpected pairings

Cartier new Magnitude Collection celebrates unexpected pairings

Materials collide in a marriage of precious stones and ornamental hard stones rarely seen in high jewellery.

It is not often that jewellers take risk big risks but it appears that Cartier is taking a walk on the wild side with its adventurous new high jewellery collection, Magnitude.

Comprising of eye-catching pairings of precious, ornamental hard stones and semi-precious stones, they all collide to give off sparks with a brilliance like no other.

From diamond with rutilated quartz to emerald with rock crystal, Cartier infuses immaculate craftsmanship and the maison’s inexhaustible creative juice in the art of matchmaking, bringing together materials that were never meant to meet for the first time in High Jewellery for the induction of a scintillating big bang.


A resplendent clash between pink and coral diamonds and golden brown rutilated quartz, the pendant of this pink gold necklace features articulated tassels in sunray motif emitting from a dazzling cabochon laden with inclusions. Juxtaposed with cascading morganite beads, the flows of a jagged diamond set with onyx edges create clean lines and perspective while completing the look of this solar fantasy.


Featuring Cartier’s signature green and black colour pairing, this necklace comes in a stunning ensemble of seven round-shaped Colombian emeralds nestled in levelled rock crystal motifs, along with repetitive onyx motifs that induce a billowing, reverberating rhythm. The detachable pendant can be worn as a brooch whereas an additional pendant can be found at the clasp on the back, making the piece a perfectly transformable confection.


Don an entire constellation on you with this nebulous spectacle of white, orange and yellow diamonds surrounding the central octagonal sapphire like stars revolve around the sun. Complemented with the deep blue universe of lapis lazuli beads and pyrite, there is no doubt that this piece will shine on the darkest of nights.


Nothing is more ambitious than trying to encapsulate the variations of the sun in a single piece of art. With a plethora of coloured diamonds ranging from golden yellow to brown, however, this necklace shines with a similar blazing glare. While solar radiations are vividly delineated through graphic lines of the design, the only difference one can pick is that unlike the sun, the structure is made wonderfully mobile and fluid.


At the touch of a tiny button, this signature piece is sure to catch your fancy by revealing a hidden dial beneath its cabochon-cut rutilated quartz laden with inclusions. Or simply wear it as a bracelet and feast your eyes on the brilliant contrast between the translucent stone and brilliant-cut diamonds that traverse the cuff in sophisticated graphic motifs.


Featuring a 77.27-carat matrix opal flanked with blue and purple sapphire, garnets and diamonds, this bracelet fuses earthy colours and a tinge of electricity with an array of stone cutting techniques for a striking portrayal of the mysterious planetary energy.


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