Cartier Unveils Chapter Two of Beautés du Monde High Jewellery

Preserve, enrich and recognise the world’s beauty with Cartier’s latest high-jewellery collection.

The Cartier brothers drew inspiration from their travels to recreate the world of artistic flair and knowledge. The latest Beautés du Monde High Jewelry collection continues the Maison’s philosophy of observing, preserving, and enriching the world’s beauty.

This season, Cartier invites jewellery enthusiasts to share their imagination and begin the journey of capturing the world’s beauty from Beautés du Monde. Through a range of colours, shapes, and evocative materials, Cartier reveals beautiful new looks tapping on the design and interaction of precious stones. While the interpretation remains faithful to its virtuoso craftsmanship, this stylized approach alters into sight, bringing these works of art to life.

As a guide of inspiration, the gemstones shimmer on a dreamlike journey to the essence of all creation. The design is a testament to this vision, providing lines and geometry. Cartier brings together amulets, chimeric rings, and other nature-inspired gems in this luxurious collection.

In Thousands of Postures – Brooches

Animals have deeply attracted Cartier with their beauty and unique qualities. Wonderful dragonflies meet cicadas, elephants, flamingos, or quetzals, giving a dazzling vibrancy that celebrates Cartier’s virtuosity.

A flamingo unfurls its ribbed ruby feathers according to the size of each gem and is lined with curved strips of white or coloured diamonds; a dragonfly with opal wings accompanies a row of randomized rock crystals secured behind by an invisible metal mesh that matches the details of the envenomation. An elephant nestled in the brooch is a saccharified artwork made from petrified magnolia wood, illuminated by pink sapphire and two-tone diamond. Moreover, a quetzal transformed into a shoulder jewel with feathers of Paraiba tourmaline, sapphires, carved tsavorite garnets, and diamonds that sway with the slightest movement.

Cartier captures and amplifies life through painting, sculpture, geometry, and abstraction. The interaction of gems escalates elements of nature and inspires this new collection.

Exquisite Beauty In Cymbale

This sophisticated piece took nearly 1800 hours to create. Cartier is particularly fascinated by insects, as seen by the intricate design of the necklace. It gives prominence to the cicada and conveys its delicacy in the form of a necklace made of diamonds, crystals, rubies, and onyx.

By choosing a translucent rock crystal, the vitality of light from the cicada’s wings can be captured, producing vibrations that evoke the cicada’s song. The translucency of the gem requires an invisible structure to which the designs are attached. Faceted crystal strips alternate with diamond-laying designs finished with black onyx tips and cut into the work. The oval-shaped ruby brings softness and contrast to the entire piece.

The highly symmetrical arrangement unfolds from a central pattern of three rubies and two diamonds, including a D grade VS1 diamond weighing 6.10 carats. The contrast between white, black, and red is part of Cartier’s colour repertoire. In this sculptural structure, softness is achieved through a series of minor connections that form the framework of the necklace.

Blooming Radiance of Ryu 

For the wearer, the necklace has an incredibly fluid structure as if it were a “second skin.” Designed with a series of articulations that connect each hexagon, the entire piece is inspired by the form, material and pattern of dragon skin. Ryu necklace is made up of 80 yellow diamonds weighing approximately 79 carats which constitutes the scale of this magical reptile that serves as a link between Heaven and Earth.

An unique cutting – the octahedral facets of the stone are rarely seen in jewellery, yet it enhances and intensifies the brilliance of each stone. These intense, luminous diamonds are set in a hexagonal white gold design paved with diamonds, forming a geometric web – fully embodying Cartier’s passion for gems with personality and unique forms.

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