Safety First: Qistina Taff’s Harmonious Relationship With Volvo

As the projects Director of Serai Group, Qistina Taff is always on the go. Here, she tells us why safety remains a priority whether at work or at home.


Qistina Taff’s work-life balance in managing her career and spending quality time with her family is a huge source of inspiration for those aiming to seek a more balanced life. 

Qistina who helms Serai Group Sdn. Bhd. as its Projects Director, is always expected to be on the go. With over 20 branches of restaurants to oversee across the country, being on the road has almost become a routine part of her daily life. Maintaining an active lifestyle while sustaining mental clarity and focus are crucial in how Qistina takes on her daily challenges. 

Qistina describes her day-to-day schedule as beginning as early as dawn when she’s already up and about getting her children’s breakfast ready before sending them to school and heading straight off to work. 

“My daily life is always quite hectic. In the morning I’m managing my family, then I’m straight off to work. I’ll always head off to visit various branches to ensure operations are running smoothly. But if I’m not visiting the restaurants, I’m usually meeting potential clients. My day-to-day life is always spent on the road,” she says.  

Family and Career 

Qistina’s role comes with great responsibility but ensuring the family business is running smoothly not only includes managerial matters, she’s also tasked with ensuring the safety of each one of her staff. 


“We take safety very seriously. We also ensure that we do routine safety checks, especially for the kitchen staff. Each employee should know how to handle an emergency should the need arise and each one of us has to undergo this training,” says Qistina. 

The same goes for life at home, as Qistina takes great care in ensuring the safety of her surrounding environment. This is something that gives her peace of mind. 

“My family is my ‘home’, it’s the key to my happiness and peace of mind and there’s no comparison to this feeling. Their safety is my utmost priority and I’m happy knowing they’re safe.” 


Qistina and her family are avid adventurers. You’d often find her venturing out on trips with her family In her free time, especially for someone who loves to drive around Malaysia’s scenic roads. 

“If we have a family holiday, I’m usually the one who’s in the driver’s seat. My husband also knows how much I love to drive on road trips. For me, driving brings me a sense of calmness.” 

Driving Adventures with the Volvo XC40 Recharge Pure Electric 

Whether in her day-to-day life or on one of her family excursions, safety remains an utmost factor in Qistina’s choice of vehicle. Volvo Cars has been the ideal choice for her due to the marque’s strong history of providing safety excellence that goes hand in hand with Qistina’s safety philosophy. 


Besides that, Qistina has always been an advocate for sustainability and this is also part of the factor that Volvo remains a top choice for her, especially with the fully eclectric Volvo XC40 Recharge Pure Electric. 

Volvo Cars Malaysia introduced the Volvo XC40 Recharge Pure Electric as its first fully electric vehicle in 2022, marrying the versatility of the compact and popular XC40 model line with an exhilarating electric powertrain that accelerates from zero to 100km/h in less than 5 seconds with a range up to 438km on a full charge.


The interior of this fully electric car boasts a sleek Suede Charcoal Connect textile on the seats and a Harmon Kardon sound system designed just for it. The model also comes with a bold new design on the front and rims, on top of a striking new colour addition in Fjord Blue besides the previous colour options of Crystal White, Thunder Grey and Sage Green.

Just like Qistina, you will also have the opportunity to experience the innovative safety features that have been proven with over 100 years of safety excellence with the Volvo XC40 Recharge Pure Electric. Volvo Cars Malaysia will be hosting a Safety Driving Experience for the first time at iconic Sungai Besi Airport, on the 2nd and 3rd March. 

Guests will have the opportunity to learn more about safety techniques and gain insight into how to build confidence when on the road with Volvo Cars Malaysia. This experience is free of charge for those who own a Volvo vehicle. For non-Volvo owners, guests can apply for an application fee of RM100. Slots first come, first serve. Apply here today.

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