An Evening with Martell

Martell Hosts a Celebration Marking Over Three Centuries of Proud Legacy at Rumah Tangsi

Of course, a typical cognac food pairing opens up an avenue of sensory experiences that brings a decadent angle to any dinner party. After all, the nuances of individual eau-de-vie can be selected to complement all types of foods: from spicy meat dishes, delicate fish cuisine, right through to rich desserts and cheese boards. Martell brings us on a journey of discovery.

But when Martell, France’s oldest and most established cognac house, hosted a special dinner pairing in mid-December that highlighted some of the brand’s finest bottled selections. It was simply an event that just cannot be missed!


After all, the dinner’s supporting stars were four of the cognac house’ magnificent standards – the XO, Chanteloup XXO, the famed Cordon Bleu and the exquisite Martell VSOP. Couple this with the brand proud celebration of over 300 years of passion and audacity. Then the time was perhaps ripe for a specially-curated event at Rumah Tangsi, a historical landmark of its own, to kick off a series of dinners set to take place across Malaysia.

Rumah Tangsi: A Piece of History

The venue in question is from 1905, and was once the town house of Kuala Lumpur’s renowned historical business icon, Loke Chow Kit. It is a mansion that has an Eclectic-Neo Classical style – perhaps the perfect element to go hand-in-hand with celebrity chef Sherson Lian’s menu that night which took its own inspiration from his own Peranakan roots.

The evening was graced by members of the Martell Heritage Team, which included Martell’s Heritage Director, Jacques Menier, as well as Amaury and Thierry Firino-Martell who are the ninth generation of the Martell family – all of whom set to host celebrations at other iconic locations in the Klang Valley, Ipoh, Penang, Batu Pahat and Johor Bahru.

 Martell Pairing Menu


Dinner began with the delectable starter of Chilled Scallops, featuring the fresh nautical flavours of poached scallops and rich caviar, contrasting supremely well with the signature richness and vibrant aromas of orchard fruit, roasted notes of mocha coffee of the Cordon Bleu.

Celebrity Chef Sherson Lian

Celebrity Chef Sherson Lian

Then, Chef Lian’s awesome reinterpretation of the famous Otak Otak – in the form of a hearty soup – combining steamed prawn roulade, betel leaves, ikura, nyonya laksa sauce and ulam, giving an unmistakable richness of peranakan influences to the piquant, spicy sensation that a round of Martell XO offers.

Cod & Rice

Cod & Rice

The main of tender, juicy, spicy and buttery Cod & Rice, meanwhile, laid out a galaxy of satisfying savouriness brought about by fermented beans and honey say glaze, balanced nicely by the accompanying scallion risotto and pickled cucumber. This went down well with the luscious aromas of honey, apricot and notes of fig, almonds and walnuts of the accompanying Martell Chanteloup XXO.


Finally, the Martel VSOP’s signature fruity notes, exotic hints of vanilla and caramelised grape perfectly welcomed a dessert. Dubbed The Kings of Pudding. The dessert perfectly brought out the flavours of banana, custard, fresh and dried fruits and pistachios to the delighted diners.

Benny Tsang, Managing Director of Pernod Ricard Malaysia.

Benny Tsang, Managing Director of Pernod Ricard Malaysia.

An evening of discovery

Later in the evening, Benny Tsang, Managing Director of Pernod Ricard Malaysia, summed up the event as the beginning of a long-awaited continuation to the House of Martell’s journey.

“As the first visit we’ve had from the Martell Heritage Team in two years, it has been an honour to welcome and celebrate them, and especially to be in presence of the Martell family – Amaury and Thierry Firino-Martell, the ninth generation of the Martell family – and the legend himself, Jacques Menier, who has been with the maison for 38 years. We look forward to continuing this journey with Martell, and bringing bigger and unique experiences to the friends and fans of Martell.”

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