Nespresso X Chiara Ferragni

Our most anticipated collaboration of the year is here.

Nespresso brings back Chiara Ferragni for a second collaboration and we can’t be more excited. The Italian fashion icon’s latest collaboration is inspired by Italy’s love for coffee.

Chiara Ferragni embarked on a journey of discovery through her love for coffee in a four-part short film series. The collaboration is inspired by the delicious flavours and Italian regional coffee traditions. Chiara co-developed a limited-edition collection with Nespresso, expanding the Ispirazione Italiana range

Italians love a good cup of espresso. Nespresso expands its Ispirazione Italiana range with a limited-edition collection.

We can’t wait to try the newly launched Milano Intenso coffee. We also have our eyes on the new range of accessories and a coffee machine that pays tribute to the urban vibes of Milan. Alongside renowned historian, Filippo Cosmelli. Chiara embarks on her adventure into the fascinating history of Rome’s coffee culture and tradition.

Together they visit iconic locations such as Antico Caffè Greco where they enjoy a Roma espresso and uncover Italian roasting traditions. Chiara’s journey continues through the city of Milan. The true inspiration behind the design, taste and notes of the Milano Intenso coffee. Taking inspiration from historic locations such as Villa Necchi, Palazzo Montedoria and Duomo Cathedral. The Duomo gold spires and Villa Necchi’s bespoke geometric deep green design with gold accents, appear throughout the limited-edition collection, uniting coffee enthusiasts globally with timeless elegance and classic vibes.

Chiara Ferragni says “My love of coffee and Italy knows no limits, so I jumped at the chance to collaborate again with dear Nespresso family to co-develop this limited-edition collection. The new range has been inspired by the creativity and rich culture of Milan, and I am so excited to bring to life such great-tasting coffee with beautiful accessories and machine for coffee lovers to enjoy wherever they are.”

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A taste of Italy inspired by Milano

The limited-edition expansion of Nespresso’s Ispirazione Italiana 2023 range welcomes Milano Intenso. Finding a balance between jammy fruity notes and a shimmer of spice. Milano Intenso encompasses the elegance, history, and coffee expertise of Italy.

Igniting the senses with a classic combination of roasted cereal and cocoa notes. Coffee drinkers can expect to get hints of bread and dark chocolate with every sip they take. Nespresso recommends the coffee is sipped as a cappuccino, highlighting the hints of pepper, berry and funky fruity notes. The coffee uses a split roast technique, with the majority being medium roasted. And the minority composed of the Robusta portion and roasted to a very dark degree.


Embrace Italian culture 

The limited-edition collection features a limited-edition set of two matte black and gold espresso cup. Upgrade your coffee machine with the limited-edition Nespresso CitiZ coffee machine. Designed with an Italian twistwrapped in striking artwork reminiscent of Milan’s Villa Necchi Campiglio.

The Ispirazione Italiana Milano Intenso is priced at RM3.20 per capsule, while the set of two matte black and gold espresso cups are retailed at RM159.

The limited-edition Nespresso CitiZ coffee machine at priced at RM999.  For more information visit 

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