Tonight, Zoom With Jazz Maestro Wynton Marsalis!

Tonight, Zoom With Jazz Maestro Wynton Marsalis!

In a time of self-quarantining under Covid-19, jazz maestro Wynton Marsalis seeks to bring us closer together through the power of music.

Jazz enthusiasts and musicians, listen up! Every Monday and Wednesday until May 16th, get connected with jazz master Wynton Marsalis on Zoom or Facebook Live (9pm EST Mondays or 9am Malaysian time, Tuesdays) or Instagram Live (12:30pm EST Wednesdays, 12:30 am Malaysian time, Thursdays) where he discusses a myriad of music and jazz-related topics. Tonight, he touches on getting creative during a lockdown and gives valuable tips to listeners and aficionados alike. It is a masterclass like no other and viewers can engage with the musician during the session.

Here he is introducing the recent watch party for the Jazz At Lincoln Center’s Worldwide Concert Gala For Our Culture:

Wynton Marsalis is the acclaimed trumpeter, composer, bandleader, educator and director at Jazz at Lincoln Center in New York. His oratorio Blood On The Fields led him to be the first jazz musician to be awarded the Pulitzer Prize for Music, a prize that was once reserved for classical composers. Marsalis himself comes from the illustrious Marsalis jazz family whose patriarch, Ellis Marsalis, died this April 1st from Covid-related illnesses.

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