Hove Into View: Michelle Yeoh’s Luxurious Residence In California

Oscar-Winner Michelle Yeoh has been living at the Mandarin Oriental Residences in Los Angeles – a property that retails from USD 3.6 million.
Michelle Yeoh Residence

Mandarin Oriental Residences (Photo: Douglas Friedman)

Michelle Yeoh, the Oscar-winning actress, resides primarily in her beautifully designed apartment in Geneva, Switzerland. Alongside her French partner, Jean Todt, the couple has also made homes in various cities around the world, including Kuala Lumpur, Ipoh, Paris, and Hong Kong. Their cosmopolitan lifestyle has taken them to diverse corners of the globe. Reflecting their love for exploration and cultural immersion.

What about the city where she won the best actress award? California has counted her in! A fan of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group. In January 2023, Michelle moved into her private home at the Mandarin Oriental Residences in Beverly Hills.

Home is where the heart is

Nestled atop the iconic Golden Triangle of Beverly Hills. Mandarin Oriental Residences, Beverly Hills sprawls across an entire city block. Marking the brand’s inaugural presence on the West Coast and the city’s first luxury condominium in ten years. Boasting an expansive footprint of 323,000 square feet, these exquisite homes offer an array of lavish amenities, all while providing breathtaking panoramic vistas of the enchanting Beverly Hills and the illustrious Hollywood Hills. Today, we invite you to catch a glimpse of the opulent residences within this prestigious property, which made its debut in December 2022.

Views of Los Angeles from the balcony. (Photo: DBox for Shvo)

Aerial view of the residence. (Photo: DBox for Shvo)

Developed by SHVO, the unique property offers a total of 54 residences with one-bedroom homes, two-bedroom condos, three-bedroom units, and the Penthouse. Priced starting at $3.6 million and above, each unit is impeccably crafted and designed by 1508 London, an international design studio based in England. With upscale contemporary interiors and access to a range of lavish amenities, the homes are inspired by the local landscape of Beverly Hills.

Situated along the prestigious Wilshire Boulevard, residents are welcomed to the magnificent abode through a private porte-cochére, where valet parking awaits, ensuring a seamless arrival experience. A dedicated concierge stands ready to greet and assist residents, adding an extra touch of luxury and personalised service.

Wilshire Boulevard (Photo: DBox for Shvo)

The arrival. (Photo: DBox for Shvo)

The lobby. (Photo: DBox for Shvo)

Michelle Yeoh’s Residence

Renowned as “private homes offering the legendary services of a grand hotel without the presence of other guests.” These residences transcend the concept of a mere address and extend a warm invitation to a life of unparalleled ease and extraordinary experiences. Every detail, from the delicate textures to the gentle whispers, has been meticulously curated to envelop homeowners in a world of sensory delight.

The landscape design, masterfully orchestrated by the acclaimed designer Enzo Enea, strikes a harmonious balance between refinement and tranquillity. Nature’s inherent connection is elegantly emphasized, creating an atmosphere that fosters a profound sense of serenity. With each step, residents are embraced by the restorative power of nature, forming an intrinsic bond between their living environment and the captivating outdoors.

Each home features an indoor bonsai garden, elegant kitchens, and outdoor areas. The property features a rooftop pool, a private spa, a library, a fitness centre, indoor-outdoor yoga rooms, and meditation spaces.

Michelle Yeoh Residence

The living room. (Photo: Douglas Friedman)

Michelle Yeoh Residence

Indoor bonsai garden (Photo: Douglas Friedman)

Michelle Yeoh Residence

The bedroom. (Photo: Douglas Friedman)

The bathroom. (Photo: Douglas Friedman)

Michelle Yeoh Residence

The kitchen. (Photo: Douglas Friedman)

The pool. (Photo: DBox for Shvo)

Photo: DBox for Shvo

Michelle Yeoh Residence

Photo: DBox for Shvo

Michelle Yeoh Residence

The spa. (Photo: DBox for Shvo)

Michelle Yeoh Residence

The fitness Centre. (Photo: DBox for Shvo)

This exquisite space invites residents to immerse themselves in a serene sanctuary, where time slows down and the boundaries between imagination and reality effortlessly blend together.

Michelle Yeoh Residence

Michelle Yeoh Residence

To the luxury of a hotel lifestyle

To ensure an unparalleled experience, residents have access to a plethora of luxurious amenities that elevate their lifestyle. Moreover, the property offers a diverse range of culinary experiences thoughtfully curated by the renowned Michelin-starred Chef Daniel Boulud. These exceptional offerings encompass a private rooftop lounge where epicurean delights await, the convenience of in-home dining services for intimate gatherings, and an extraordinary dining experience on the ground floor featuring an extensive menu showcasing authentic international cuisine. With an emphasis on culinary excellence, residents can indulge their palate and embark on a gastronomic journey without leaving the comfort of their own abode.

Café Boulud. (Photo: DBox for Shvo)

Café Boulud. 

Rooftop lounge. (Photo: DBox for Shvo)

Rooftop lounge. (Photo: DBox for Shvo)

As one steps into the realm of luxury living at Mandarin Oriental Residences. A world of refined indulgence awaits, where the pursuit of excellence is celebrated and the freedom to savour something extraordinary is embraced.


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