Hove Into View: Serendah Hill Retreat Connects Nature In Lush

Serendah Hill Retreat, just a 45-minute drive from Kuala Lumpur, is designed to celebrate the beauty of nature.
Serendah Hill Retreat

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Tucked away in the serene hills of a forest reserve, the Serendah Hill house serves as a tranquil haven for its owner and family. This architecturally stunning home is a personal retreat that springs to life during holidays when the elderly couple and their children gather to bask in its splendour.

Perched atop the peak of Hulu Selangor, the house is embraced by a flourishing tropical garden and boasts breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding forested hills.⁠

Beyond A Physical Home

The building sits on a raised platform and has spacious balconies facing west and southwest. In the evening, the house is beautifully illuminated by green foliage.

Serendah Hill Retreat

The architect of Serendah Hill Retreat used Japanese design principles known as “shakkei,” which means borrowed landscape. This technique involves integrating the natural surroundings into the garden’s design to create a harmonious and dynamic space.

Serendah Hill Retreat

Serendah Hill Retreat

This two-story bungalow is pleasingly simple and embodies the spirit of a sustainable way of life. From the main entrance, a ceremonial double-height space illuminated by a large skylight encourages cross ventilation. Elaborate ventilation shutters and mosquito nets are also widely used, while burnt clay bricks are an effective feature wall that limits heat gain.

The interior layout of the elevated floor creates great flexibility, that consists of an open-plan living, kitchen, dining, a spacious courtyard, and a master bedroom with an outdoor staircase.

Serendah Hill Retreat

Living Independently

The spatial layout of the building allows for easy mobility and security, with direct access to both the ground level and elevated floor. This means the elderly couple who own the building can move around without needing to climb stairs.

The living, dining, and bedroom areas are extended with generous outdoor terraces. A vintage tea table set in a quiet and lush courtyard is a symbol of familial ties.

Serendah Hill Retreat

Serendah Hill Retreat

The couple who live in the building are committed to a humble retirement lifestyle. They use the rooftop as their meditation spot in the morning, and their favorite place to spend time during the day is a seating area outside the living room, facing the garden. Here they can enjoy the beautiful views, listen to the soothing sounds of nature, and feel the gentle breeze.

Breathing New Life

As a continuation of cherished memories, most of the furniture are pieces refurbished from the parents’ old home. The construction materials are all locally sourced in support of local businesses and labourers.

In addition to using a nostalgic color scheme for construction, the building also has flooring made from reconstructed broken Ipoh marble pieces. This was done to minimize the carbon footprint of the project cycle.

Photography: Lawrence Choo


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