Cosentino’s Dekton Pietra Kode Collection Gives Your Home A Contemporary Look

Inspired by Italian architecture, Dekton Pietra Kode reimagines classic stones into contemporary designs matched with high performance.

Dekton Pietra Kode

Wonderful and diverse stones are mostly derived from historical buildings and exquisite sculptures in Italy. There is something so mesmerizing about ancient stones that can enhance properties while offering possibilities for architecture and design elevation.

From the dining room and kitchen moving to the bathroom, these areas are where families will spend most of their time reconnecting, bonding, and feasting every day. To implement contemporary elegance and classic beauty in one’s home, Cosentino Group, the global leader in surfaces, worked together with renowned designer and architect Daniel Germani to introduce Dekton Pietra Kode.

About Dekton Pietra Kode

A new high-performance, ultra-compact stone collection, Pietra Kode reinterprets the timeless beauty of classic Italian stones. These antique natural stones have been decoded subsequently and then recoded into Dekton concrete series. It thus become a symphonic material that showcases luxury in the small, understated details.

Exterior look with Edificio Dekton Marmorio

Dekton Pietra Kode

Exterior in Dekton VK04 Grafite

Each color breathes contemporary elegance into the design, with the rich shades and textures creating a sensory experience beyond what the eye can see.

“It’s designed with the future in mind and compliments any space in a way that won’t go out of style.” The carbon-neutral Dekton surface allows the collection to be used in a virtually limitless range of indoor and outdoor applications.

Dekton Pietra Kode

Living Room look in Sabbia and Grafite

Grigio for Bathroom

The Three Classic Italian Stones

As previously seen, Cosentino has also developed Industrial and Chromica collections with Germani. The seven hues that makeup Pietra Kode thus channel the influence of Vicenza stone, travertine, and Milan’s iconic Ceppo di Gré stone on Italian architecture over the centuries.

Bathroom with Nebbia

Vicenza Kode reinterprets the classic neutral tones of Vicenza stone that are reminiscent of the earth and rich design that flows onto the edges. All four warm and versatile colors coexist in harmony, namely Nebbia, Avorio, Grigio, and Grafite.

Dekton Pietra Kode

Marmorio looking great in Living Room

Travertine Kode recodes the stone on which Rome was built into a new technological vision of the material that made classical art shine and inspired Renaissance architecture. Two elegant designs are full of nuances reminiscent of the sobriety of classic style.

Sabbia reinterprets Italian Travertine in a disorderly and colorful vein, making it perfect for rustic or natural environments. Marmorio takes cues from the quintessential Roman stone with a porous striped structure.

Dekton Pietra Kode

Ceppo and Avorio for the kitchen

Ceppo Kode redefines the beauty of the Ceppo di Gré stone often used in architecture in Milan, to design spaces that inspire and connect with nature.

Like Vicenza Kode, Ceppo Kode also features design along the edges, making it ideal for revealing applications. The unmistakable pebbled pattern is ideal for indoors and outdoors, with a timeless design that makes for classic and modern aesthetics.

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