Single on Valentine’s Day

If you’re flying solo this Valentine’s Day, cheer up!

By Corina Tan

Single and available? That tagline works great any other day of the year, except maybe on Valentine’s.  You can either slum it or embrace it.  We vote that you embrace the freedom you have on this day to choose anything you want to do, and any place you want to be! Here are some things you could do, if you indeed find yourself alone on this day dedicated to love.


Get dressed up

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Dressing to the nines can totally improve your mood and how you feel about yourself.  You will instantly feel more confident and ready to take on the world.


Celebrate with bubbly

About half the people who are single are perfectly happy with their relationship status, as there are a lot of great things about being solo. Toast yourself and single life with champagne in a pretty champagne flute.


Go on an adventure

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Now is the time to have a grand adventure.  Hike a mountain, visit a new place, go skydiving if you’ve always wanted to.  You’ll be glad you took the time out to cross something off of your bucket list.


Buy yourself something sparkly

Pick up something nice for yourself and you’ll smile whenever you look at your new piece of jewellery.  Make it more meaningful by tying it to something you love about yourself, like a charm that represents you, or inscribed with your favourite mantra.


Buy yourself a beautiful bouquet

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Who says you have to wait for someone to send you flowers? Go ahead and order a floral pick-me-up for yourself because you know the instant happiness and joy that it brings.


Indulge in the good stuff

You know exactly what kind of chocolates you like, so go to your favourite chocolatier and fill up a box with your chosen artisan truffles.  Don’t limit yourself to chocolates alone, pick up a slice or two of your favourite cake or dessert and just allow yourself to dig in.


Have a spa day

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Treat yourself to a massage, facial, fresh haircut or blowout, a mani-pedi, or a makeover.  Whether you want to splurge on a professional session or do it in the comfort of your own home, is totally up to you.  The goal is to feel pampered and emerge fresh, balanced and centred, both physically and emotionally.


Write yourself a love letter

It is usual to focus on your flaws, but this Valentine’s make a conscious effort to acknowledge all that you are good at and all the good in you.  Write about all your wonderful traits and add some positive affirmation notes to read each day.


Date your best friend

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Who says only couples can enjoy V-Day? Grab a platonic friend who’s also single and plan a fun day out.  Have great meals together, go for massages, spend some time on a mutual hobby, and maybe even buy each other a gift!


Set up a virtual happy hour

Don’t feel like going out? Organize a Valentine’s Day Zoom happy hour where everyone mixes a special cocktail from a recipe you send out in advance.  Assign a name to each of your friends, who in turn has to list some amazing traits of the person they were assigned to.  You’ll be sure to have plenty of love and laughter, leaving everyone feeling good about themselves.

Throw a valentine’s party for your kids

Mother and young daughter crafting for Valentine's Day

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If you’re a single parent, you don’t have to miss out either.  Make it a special day with your kids and plan something fun to do together.  Whether it’s decorating cookies, playing a game or making creative love notes for others in the family, it will be a special day to bond with the little people you love to love.


Do a good deed

Helping someone else is a sure-fire way to feel good about yourself.  Brighten someone else’s Valentine’s Day with random acts of kindness, or if you know of someone specific that is in need, plan ahead to make it an extra special day for cheering that person up.  Making it a day about someone else says a lot about you as a person.  You will end up feeling great that you did something meaningful that changed someone’s life even if just for one day.

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