Royal Selangor adds Phoenix to its Marvel Figurine Collection

Royal Selangor adds Phoenix to its Marvel Figurine Collection

Like a Phoenix Rising

Royal Selangor and the Walt Disney Company have once again collaborated to release a brand-new Marvel figurine to its ever-growing range of collectible characters from the beloved universe of Marvel comics. The latest addition to Royal Selangor’s Marvel Multiverse is X-Men’s Phoenix in the form of the Limited Edition Phoenix Arising figurine, depicting the impossibly powerful alter ego of Jean Grey, founding member of the X-Men.

The 1/8 scaled sculpture shows the Dark Phoenix manifesting itself in the body of Jean Grey as she rises from flames that transform into the fiery wings of a phoenix. Limited to only 999 pieces, these individually numbered figurines are available for purchase from Royal Selangor’s retail and online stores.

This launch of this limited edition figurine coincides with the return of the character and the rest of the X-Men to the big screen in the Dark Phoenix feature film. The launching of the Phoenix collectible figurine joins the other previously released cast of characters in Royal Selangor’s Marvel Multiverse, including the limited edition life-sized, six-feet tall Iron Man Mark 42 suit, and various other figurines that feature well-loved characters such as Spider-Man and Captain America, among others.

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