Rolls-Royce Art Programme presents the works of Refik Anadol at the Geneva Motor Show

Rolls-Royce Art Programme presents the works of Refik Anadol at the Geneva Motor Show

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Muse, the Rolls-Royce Art Programme, will be exhibiting their newly commissioned artwork by Refik Anadol at the Geneva International Motor Show. Opening today, Anadol’s Art of Perfection; Data Painting will be on show throughout the Motor Show until 15 March 2020, before moving to it’s permanent home at the Rolls-Royce global headquarters in Goodwood.

Refik Anadol is a Turkish-born, Los Angeles-based media artist whose works are predominantly based in digital media, and using data points as his pigment. For this particular piece made for the British motoring brand, Anadol took data from the Rolls-Royce Motor Cars’ Surface Finish Centre, which stores the colour reference data from every car ever made in the centre, including the thousands of unique colours chosen by Rolls-Royce’s clients over the years. Anadol’s work makes use of data from the last decade, creating a mesmerising digital painting.

Art of Perfection; Data Painting was first previewed to a select list of people last September during Rolls-Royce’s Dine on the Line philanthropic event.

The Rolls-Royce Art Programme is partner to some of the world’s most prestigious art institutions and aims to inspire creativity through collaboration with artists that push the technical and conceptual boundaries. Muse marks the programme’s new direction unveiled late last year, where it provides artists the time and resources to produce art that is conceived, and can be experienced, without compromise.

Refik Anadol is the most recent artist to join forces with the Rolls-Royce Art Programme. Other high-profile artists that have collaborated with the programme are Tomás Saraceno, Dan Holdsworth, Isaac Julien, Asad Raza, Ugo Rondione, Angela Bulloch and Yang Fudong.

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