Objects of Desire: Chinese New Year Edition

From high spirits to timepieces and travel accessories, there is no shortage of dragon-themed releases. These are our top objects of desire.

As one of the most important festivals in Asian culture—the Lunar New Year, of course—approaches, brands have begun releasing new collections and limited edition items. This year is especially auspicious, as it is the Year of the Dragon, considered to be the most prosperous and influential of all Chinese zodiacs. From high spirits to timepieces and travel accessories, there is no shortage of dragon-themed releases. Here are our top selections from this Lunar New Year season:

1. Franck Muller Limited Edition Year of the Dragon Timepieces

Starting with a roar, Franck Muller celebrates the Year of the Dragon by unveiling two collections: The Cintrée Curvex Ryoko Kaneta Dragon Limited Edition and the Vanguard Dragon Slim Skeleton Limited Edition. 

Cintrée Curvex Ryoko Kaneta Dragon Limited Edition, Franck Muller Watches

Cintrée Curvex Ryoko Kaneta Dragon Limited Edition

Designed in collaboration with Japanese artist Ryoko Kaneta, the mythical dragon takes center stage. Though traditionally portrayed as a divine and authoritative figure who bestows prosperity and strength, the regal dragon has been anthropomorphized into a series of doll-like girls—a trademark of Kaneta. The turquoise dial matches with the turquoise strap wraps as the figures on the dial are largely in black and white with hints of aqua blue, a subtle nod to the dragon’s ties to water as bringers or rain. 

Franck Muller watch, Vanguard Dragon Slim Skeleton Limited Edition

Vanguard Dragon Slim Skeleton Limited Edition

Crossing bejeweled references to the Vanguard Slim Skeleton, this limited edition piece is themed on the legendary dragon. The watches bear a customized rotor that has been engraved with a dragon, appearing to coil around and protect the movement like a mythical guardian. Moreover, they are accented in red and green; the pops of color come from their tinted sapphire casebacks and infilled hands.  

Just 10 pieces of each will be available exclusively in the Asia Pacific region.

2. L’Or de Jean Martell’s Assemblage du Dragon

To pay homage to its historic ties with Chinese heritage, Maison Martell introduces an exclusive edition of its most prestigious cognac in honor of the Chinese Year of the Dragon: Assemblage du Dragon. While retaining the character of the original blend, the Assemblage du Dragon brings forward attributes associated with the dragon such as power, perseverance, nobility, and immortality. Moreover, this exuberant flavor is complemented by a magnificent design. A sculptural representation of a dragon’s head sits on top of the decanter, whose neck is embellished with engraved 19-carat gold. This design is in collaboration with Baccarat, one of France’s most revered manufacturers of fine crystal. By and large, this careful selection is a complex harmony of more than 1,400 Eaux-de-vie from the four finest terroirs in the Cognac region that embodies the Dragon itself. 

 L'Or de Jean Martell Zodiac Edition 2024

L’Or de Jean Martell Zodiac Edition 2024

3. Loewe’s Jade Collection for Lunar New Year

Loewe has tapped three Chinese master jade carves to create a pendant series for their Year of the Dragon collection. Master jade carvers Cheng Lei, Qiu Qijing, and Yin Xiaojin crafted five exclusive jade pendants. Each pendant is accompanied by an 18K gold chain. Wealth and abundance are symbolized by the emerald green pendant that depicts a cricket perched atop a cabbage or bok choy, while a light mauve eggplant-shaped pendant symbolizes status and success. Finally, a spring jade pendant featuring a tiny snail atop a pea pod symbolizes fertility, abundance, and luck.

loewe lunar new year jade pendant

Loewe’s Year of the Dragon collection

Another highlight of the Lunar New Year collection is the jade-inspired Flamenco Mini clutch. Both their jade pendants and jade-inspired handbags seamlessly integrate into everyday scenarios. This departure from a Western gaze toward local cultures through cultural storytelling and timeless pieces contributes to their genuine and humble brand image.

4. AYANA Bali

From 5 to 11 February 2024, AYANA Bali welcomes the Year of the Dragon with a series of festivities—think fireworks and traditional dances to special menus and themed children’s activities. To begin, guests can enjoy a Special Noodle Menu encircled by koi ponds and verdant gardens at To-Ge. Meanwhile, Ah Yat Abalone Seafood Restaurant offers a family-style lunch and special dinner menu from February 8 to 11.

AYANA’s world-famous Rock Bar, AYANA Bali resort

AYANA’s world-famous Rock Bar

Another highlight is AYANA’s world-famous Rock Bar. Perched just 14 meters above the Indian Ocean, Rock Bar will host the Chinese New Year Countdown complete with a Special Buffet Dinner. To add, guests can even take advantage of the Perfect Family Getaway offer, which includes benefits such as a 15% discount on room rates and breakfast across all properties within AYANA Bali, until March 31st, 2024. Other exciting events, such as the Barong Dance and Fireworks Show and Chinese New Year Kids Activities, await. Celebrate the Year of the Dragon lavishly at AYANA. 

5. TUMI Travel

TUMI welcomes a fusion of modern style and cultural significance through its Lunar New Year collection. In essence, their latest collection highlights TUMI’s commitment to innovative design and functionality. Across 11 products from the 19 Degree, Alpha Bravo, and Voyageur collections, auspicious cloud motifs and dragons dance—a nod to traditional influences. There is a strong Singaporean influence as well. In particular, the vibrant energy and diversity of Singapore seep into the Spring 2024 collection through architectural silhouettes, iridescent hardware, and unique textural elements. These combine to offer to fresh perspective on travel accessories. Embue your travel experience with a touch of contemporary elegance with TUMI. 

TUMI Lunar New Year Collection

(L to R): 19 Degree International Expandable 4-Wheeled Carry-On in Dragon Print, and the Alpha Bravo Compass Crossbody in Dragon Print

6. Burberry’s Iconic Patterns With a Chinese Twist

Burberry Lunar New Year 2024 Campaign and Collection

Burberry Lunar New Year 2024 Campaign and Collection

From houndstooth check, a seasonal rose print, and fiery red hues, Burberry’s vibrant and festive Lunar New Year collection embodies the bold and ambitious essence of the Dragon. Similarly, red is symbolic of good luck and prosperity in Chinese culture and takes center stage. A marriage of Burberry’s iconic House Check and a vivid red delivers this roll-neck sweater. Here, Tang Wei dons the Check Wool Blend Sweater in Pillar, made of a wool blend, cut to a slim fit, and knitted with a check pattern. 

Check Wool Blend Sweater in Pillar, Burberry

Check Wool Blend Sweater in Pillar, Burberry

7. Parmigiani’s Archival Dragon Clock


Parmigiani “Tempus Fugit” Objet d’Art with a rock crystal base

To honor the Year of the Dragon, Parmigiani has ventured a restoration project of an old clock from its Metier d’Art collection: the Tempus Fugit. Inspired by the Chinese dragon and the Pearl of Wisdom, this exclusive piece has jade stones in green, white, yellow, orange, and red. The dragon is made of nine different animals such as the head of a camel, the ears of a cow, the antlers of a deer, the neck of a snake, and the paws of a tiger to name a few. Finally, the Pearl of Wisdom is adorned with white diamonds, rubies, and sapphires in golden flames. This masterpiece reflects the legend of carp jumping the Dragon Gate to transform into a Dragon, and the Tempus Fugit’s dragon automaton turns every hour.

8. The Macallan’s ‘A Night on Earth – The Journey’

The Macallan’s second release in their A Night on Earth series, ‘A Night on Earth – The Journey’, draws on the memories of Lunar New Year festivities. This journey and celebration are echoed in their innovative, multi-layered packaging. In collaboration with renowned Chinese mixed-media artist Nini Sum, this limited edition packaging is imbued with meaning and beautifully represents the different stages of the journey to reunite with loved ones during the New Year.  Both the packaging and whisky provide an exceptional experience that evokes memories. 

The Macallan A Night On Earth - The Journey, Year of the Dragon

The Macallan A Night On Earth – The Journey

The whisky captures an effervescent burst of fireworks that blends with a nuttiness. There are accompanying hints of vanilla and a soft velvety sweetness reminiscent of shortbread. Coconut milk pudding, almond, and sweet butterscotch are other palates you can expect to taste with just a sip of this warm ember concoction. Sipping is a luxuriously creamy and buttery experience. A Night on Earth – The Journey is a combination of exceptional first-fill American ex-bourbon barrels, along with European and American sherry-seasoned oak casks. 


In tribute to its 30th anniversary and the auspicious Dragon, SHANGHAI TANG collaborated with renowned artist Jacky Tsai to present the “Auspicious Dragon” collection. This is also the brand’s tenth anniversary of collaboration with Tsai. Symbolizing a commitment to the rich heritage of Chinese art and inspired by the traditional Chinese belief of the dragon as a divine creature, the collection exhibits modern dragon imagery with dashing red hues. In sum, their collection effortlessly blends traditional Chinese artistry with contemporary flair. Vibrant and elegant, this is the perfect addition to your home.  

SHANGHAI TANG X JACKY TSAI - Auspicious Dragon Collection

SHANGHAI TANG X JACKY TSAI – Auspicious Dragon Collection

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