Norway's New Marine-Inspired Museum Is Shaped Like A Whale

Norway’s New Marine-Inspired Museum Is Shaped Like A Whale

The Whale is set to be a new attraction for a Norwegian coastal village when it opens in 2022.

A new Norwegian marine-focused museum that is set to be built on the island of Andøya is set to make waves due to its unique design resembles one of the region’s most recognisable and iconic animals, whales. In fact, it looks so much like one that it earned the name The Whale.

Dorte Mandrup, a Copenhagen-based architecture studio, are the creative minds behind the uniquely shaped building that is set to be a landmark in the tiny coastal village of Andenes. The location is said to be nearly 200 miles north of the Arctic Circle and it is known to be one of the best places to go if you want to spot migrating whales. As many as 50,000 visitors throng the shores of Andenes every year for whale-watching.

The designers have really put a lot of thought into how The Whale would integrate with its surrounding landscape, making it appear like a massive whale is rising from beneath the rocky shore with a thin layer of earth on top. There is in fact, a curved roof that is covered with stones that visitors are encouraged to walk on and have an unspoiled view of the ocean.

Inside it provides a conducive and comfortable environment, protecting visitors from the elements. Large windows that open towards the archipelago underline the connection between the exhibition space within with the vast natural surroundings.

The building itself will house exhibition spaces, offices, a cafe and a store. Its design respectfully ties the waterfront site with the ambitious goal of protecting marine life through a combination of art, science and architecture.

Whale-watching fans need only wait till 2022 for the opening of this truly unique museum by the water.

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