Asian Art Rising: Eaton HK’s Art Month

Eaton HK’s Art Month offers an array of diverse and engaging activities, sure to pique the interest of art lovers and culture enthusiasts.

Eaton HK's Art Month

As a hotel with a pioneering spirit, Eaton HK is hosting a wide variety of art exhibitions, performances, guided tours, and parties in all areas of the hotel. The event features collaborations with over 10 local and regional artists, all eager to display their works in the hotel’s dedicated art gallery, cinema, Music Room, renowned Terrible Baby terrace bar, Food Hall, and guest rooms.

New Pessimism: Tropical frontier

Eaton HK’s art gallery Tomorrow Maybe is proud to present New Pessimism: Tropical frontier. From 19 March until 30 April. The exhibition showcases a selection of works by Indonesian artists Natasha Tontey and Riar Rizaldi. Based on their research into social, technological, and ecological issues rooted in the landscape and social dynamics of Indonesia. Natasha and Riar are inspired by b-grade media, popular culture, social change-making, and indigenous movements. They explore the aesthetic of refusal, the campiness of social tension, and the horror imagery of social ecology in the tropical frontier.

Peep Show

From 12 March until 26 April, one of Eaton HK’s two fifth-floor artist studios will be transformed into an immersive exhibition by local artist Lousy. Lousy will immerse every detail of the room with his new series of work. Marking a breakthrough for his world-building venture, introducing more chaos and viscerality into his working process. The works investigate the ideas of balance, perseverance, and change. Viewers will be able to interact with the vividly painted amenities, including bathrobe, towels, plushies, and rug during their visit.

Artists Meet and Greet + Tour

Eaton HK's Art Month

On the evening of 22 March, the artists of New Pessimism: Tropical frontier and Peep Show, including Natasha Tontey, Riar Rizaldi, and Lousy, will lead two guided tours in Tomorrow Maybe and the Artist Studio, respectively. Giving in-depth introductions to the exhibition themes. The audience will learn about the stories behind the artworks, their creative process, and the inspiration that fuelled their works.

Kowloon Maze

Eaton HK's Art Month

The Eaton HK collaborates with Glenlivet, a Scotch whiskey brand promoting to live it your own way, to co-present Kowloon Maze, a rave party starting at 9 pm on 22 March. The party centers around oriental yet futuristic sounds from foremost musical artists across Asia. Curated by luckigrl, a music production house founded by Fotan Laiki. The event will bring hybridized contemporary club music to Terrible Baby. Featuring various genres of electronic dance music from gabber, techno to deconstructed club with a mix of traditional instrumental from Indonesia and China.

Eaton HK’s Art Month offers an array of diverse and engaging activities. Which are sure to pique the interest of art lovers and culture enthusiasts. The exhibitions and performances will feature artists from all over Asia. Providing an opportunity to experience the cultural landscape of the region.

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