Artifacts: An Artistic Exploration of the Porsche Archives

A new coffee table book offers insight into the objects and human stories behind the Porsche brand.

Porsche Archives

Designed to offer readers an unparalleled artistic view into the vast secretive rooms of the Porsche Historic Archive in Zuffenhausen, Artifacts is a stunning compendium packed with beautiful photography and is a treasure trove of information for Porsche enthusiasts. 

Published and produced by ERG Media  (the folks behind the Porsche-powered Type 7 digital magazine), Artifacts is a comprehensive look into the items that make up the story and vehicles behind the Porsche brand. 

Porsche Archives

The items, which include Porsche family items, equipment from the brand’s design and development history and documents of iconic cars, were curated and photographed by creative director and photographer Thomas Walk. Each object was photographed in a specially constructed studio space on-site at Zuffenhausen, while the vehicles were photographed at the Porsche Museum. 

Thanks to the touch of special collaborator Andy Cruz from House Industries, the result is an incredibly tactile experience, emulating the feeling of entering a vault and discovering the documents first-hand. The photography is accompanied by a separate pull-out index that chronicles the stories behind each item, highlighting the human element behind these objects. 

Porsche Archives

You’ll want to take your time in unboxing the book. There is great emphasis on the packaging of this 356-page compendium which comes wrapped in paper designed with elements that pay homage to car design blueprints. Inside, readers will unveil an archive box, complete with re-enforced metal corners. Once the seal is opened, the book’s stunning red slipcase is revealed, a design element inspired by the document folders that line the shelves of Porsche’s archive. 

Artifacts is available from September 1st 2023 and is available to purchase here.

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