Uphold the crown of the Tsars with The Empress Watch from Chopards IMPERIALE collection

Uphold the crown of the Tsars with The Empress Watch from Chopards IMPERIALE collection

Reign over Russia

An age of poetically beautiful refineries and incomparably opulent lifestyles, the era of the Tsars have returned in full grandiloquent force, with The Empress Watch from Chopard’s Empress Box collection. Revisited by the Imperiale line, a series that crafts collections inspired by the greatest historical empires, we now follow along as Chopard visits Imperial Russia and opens the doors to an era of sovereignty, richness and a history that details the 144 years of unbroken lines of Russian Emperors and Empresses that inspired The Empress Watch.

A symbol of absolute power and an emblem of the Russian sovereignty, the Empress Watch is modelled after another such iconic treasure of the Empire of the Tsars, the imperial crown of Russia. An embodiment of magnificence, unbridled power and lush grandeur, the crown was topped by a 398.72 carat spinel, adorned with 5,000 diamonds and rimmed with rows of pearls with a red velvet lining and a cross to represent the Christian faith. As luxurious as it gets. Chopard has reimagined this ceremonial object of power similarly with the 2018 edition of the Empress Box.

The watch is presented with an openworked cover that is set with diamonds, pearls and a ruby at its centre, with a delicate play of arabesque motif. Framed by a diamond-set bezel, the Grand Feu enamel dial, 38 mm, is gold with a red enamelled guilloche base that are hand-engraved. Both of the dials are central rhodium-plated dagger-shaped with the hour markers set in diamond on the face of the watch.

With a self-winding L.U.C 96.23-L3 movement, the 18 carat white gold case of the watch was entirely designed, developed and hand manufactured with the Fleurisanne engraving technique, with the baseplate being delicately adorned with designs of oak leaves and acorns. Options are available for the strap of the Empress Watch, one can either opt for the red-draped fabric with the imperial motif lined with leather or red alligator leather, the former truly exuding the classic spirit of the Tsar empire, while the latter invites a classically historical watch to thrive on in present times.

So be it leading the nation of Russia or attending a gala event in present day, for those historical aficionados out there who want to carry a piece of time long past with you, this confluence between haute joaillerie and haute horology is the dream timepiece for you. With all the love, passion and excellent craftsmanship that went into the watch, you may have as many followers as the Tsars did back in the day, who knows.

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