The Timepieces Of Cartier Add A Little Sparkle And Pop To Your Ensemble

The Timepieces Of Cartier Add A Little Sparkle And Pop To Your Ensemble

Freedom forever

The new Libre collection from Cartier debuts five feminine watches that extend the story behind this bejewelled collection, capturing the essence of freedom in different forms. The collection is split into two styles, the Baignoire and the Crash, originally inspired by the maison’s signature Baignoire Allongée design. The Baignoire Débordante blooms like a monochromatic flower, with an oval black dial framed by diamonds and black spinels set in white gold taking centre stage. Meanwhile, the Baignoire Etoillée is reminiscent of a shower of stars on a clear night sky, the diamonds and black spinels weaving seamlessly together to create the illusion of movement, flowing from the thin black oval dial set in the middle of the piece.

For fans of the classic looking for a twist, the Crash Radieuse is the newest iteration of the prized misshapen watch that first appeared in 1967. Jean- Jacques Cartier, purportedly inspired by the melted dial of the Baignoire Allongée, turned the warped face into a limited run piece. The Radieuse features bold shockwave lines that radiate from the centre of the dial through to the yellow gold casing, pulling the fluid, organic shape into focus. The Crash Radieuse is powered by calibre 8970MC manual movement, while the Baignoire watches in the collection are quartz pieces.

The Baignoire Débordante and Crash Radieuse watches are limited to 50 pieces each, while the Baignoire Etoilée is limited to 15.

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