Corum Brings Back Its Coin Watch But This Time, With A New Twist

Corum Brings Back Its Coin Watch But This Time, With A New Twist

Flip a coin.

Amidst the snazzy-looking watches from the Admiral, Golden Bridge or Bubble collections, it’s easy to forget that, within Corum, there exists a line of simple and classic watches. This is where its Coin watches are positioned within the Corum portfolio. This year, however, the brand is taking its philosophy of bringing innovation whilst preserving tradition to watchmaking, and giving the Coin watches a whole new dimension.

Where the previous watches were built upon one or 20 dollar coins, the new Corum Hobo Coin offers one that has been meticulously engraved by freelance artist Aleksey Saburov. The Hobo Coin once again finds its roots in American culture but, this time, during the era of the First World War. Traditionally, the engravings were made on five cent coins made of nickel, and travelling workers who crossed the continent in freight trains, soldiers bound for the front during the First World War, or penniless artists seeking a fleeting American dream would engrave on them to increase the value of the nickel and turn a profit.

Each coin dial made by Aleksey Saburov will come housed in a 43mm case powered by an automatic mechanical movement. As every dial will be hand-engraved, they are unique pieces by definition and Saburov has already produced a number of original motifs for Corum.


These days, authentic hobo coins are so rare that, in America, there is even an organisation – the Original Hobo Nickel Society – set up to preserve this heritage since 1992. It continues to organise auctions for these old coins and even catalogue works by new and old artists.

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