Cartier’s Révélation d'une Panthère is a brilliant work of art for the wrist

Cartier’s Révélation d’une Panthère is a brilliant work of art for the wrist

Feline apparition

If watches can be considered art, then the new Cartier Révélation d’une Panthère is a splendid piece of performance art. The watch is so beautiful to look at, we wouldn’t be surprised if you get distracted over and over again every time you lift your wrist to tell the time.

What looks like an array of tiny gold balls, just haphazardly rolling around beneath the sapphire crystal, will suddenly and mesmerizingly arrange itself into the motif of a panther as it flows from one side of the watch to the other. The idea was derived from the way sand is funnelled consistently through a small opening from the top to the bottom of an hourglass, thus offering a rudimentary way of measuring time. However, where the hourglass was a practical invention, this was done purely as a work of art.

As you flick your wrist to look at your watch, these tiny gold balls are funnelled through groves carved within the sapphire crystal, revealing the panther motif. In order to slow down its movement so you will be able to appreciate it in its fullest, there is a clear viscous liquid that regulates the flow. Then, as all the gold balls pass through, the panther disintegrates, leaving nothing but the impression of it in your mind.

This brilliant watch is available in three dial colours – black, green or red – and is housed in a pink gold case with a diamond-paved bezel, and a winding crown set with a diamond, emerald or ruby depending on the colour of the dial.

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