Cartier pricks our fancy with their cactus inspired collection

Cartier pricks our fancy with their cactus inspired collection

Allure of the desert flower

Prepare to welcome back florals into your repertoire, with the latest collection of haute joaillerie from Cartier. Inspired by the sturdiest and most tenacious of botany, the cactus, the series dissects this unique plant from its emerald green guarded exterior to its colour flowers that grow on its limbs.

This whimsically daring approach to high jewellery has allowed Cartier to foray into a whole macrocosm of creative liberty with arrangements that imitate the sting of the cacti, with its prickly pink gold pendants, clustered rings for that dramatic flair and long necklaces with pendants that radiate in the desert sun. Representing a true array of sensations from alternating matte and shiny finishes, to the spindly designs that contrast with the occasional smooth globe-like structure, this collection is known for its powerful statement and effervescent radiance.

A feminised take on the sting of the cacti, the collection comes in several series; “Spinels, Diamonds and Pink Gold”, “Emeralds, Carnelians, Diamonds and Yellow Gold”, “Lapis Lazuli, Diamonds and Yellow Gold.” So drape yourself with Cactus de Cartier and show off these bold looks, because like the desert flower, the unique truly strive.

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