8 of the most eye-catching, luxurious watch winders to own

8 of the most eye-catching, luxurious watch winders to own

Keep your automatic watches wound, secure, and in a place of beauty with these watch winders that also double up as pieces of art.

Bugatti Origintimes

Here’s something for the motorhead collectors: 16 winder modules built into a Bugatti Veyron motor block. This eye-catching, German-engineered showpiece features a near-silent winding mechanism, and LED lights that indicate whether each module is in use. An easy-to-use touchscreen individually controls each winding slot so that each watch can have its own rotational programme. True to it’s secondary function as a object d’art, the winder can be installed standing upright or on its side, to different effects. Perfect with any industrial-chic interior, or on the set of a sci-fi movie.

Boca Do Lobo Dali

It’s almost painfully obvious: creating a stunning piece of horological storage that pays homage to Dali’s iconic painting of melting watches The Persistence of Memory. Standing at 90cm-tall, the 110kg winder-cum-safe has the capacity for 6 watches, as well as a customisable interior that can be fitted to store other valuables like art, jewellery, or even that special-occasion bottle of whiskey. The winder also doubles up as a work of art — it features two intricately-crafted ornamental clocks cast on the main body, which is built from a mahogany wood frame covered in foundry-shaped brass, and finished with a layer of gold plating.

Dottling Gyrowinder

While most winders only move on one single axis, the Dottling Gyrowinder sets your watch on a gyroscope, which allows the piece to rotate in all directions, mimicking actual human movement. Adjustable counterweights in the gyroscopic mechanism allow watches of any weight to be balanced, while an internal spirit level sets the original position of the contained watch. Inspired by the training equipment of aspiring astronauts, this table-ready objet d’art comes encased in a hand-blown crystal glass cover.

Kunstwinder ripple effect

In the petrochemical industry? This watch winder from the Silicon Valley-based Kunstwinder (they’re not German, as the name might suggest) is modelled after an oil-extracting pumpjack. Built out of black anodized aluminum, the 2-watch capacity winder keeps your automatic watches wound, while its almost-hypnotic movements serving as a constant reminder of all that black gold lying beneath the ground. The whole thing lies on polished chrome-plated aluminium base that reflects the watches. Comes with 24 pre-programmed rotation modes. USD$6,500.00

Rapport Turbine

Give the crown jewel of your timepiece collection special treatment by setting it apart from the others in this one-watch capacity winder inspired by an aeroplane turbine. The sleek piece comes from the long-standing Rapport, a London-based horological house that’s been around since 1898. The easy-to-use winder comes with options to select rotational directions, and comes finished with a glossy black veneer and silver detailing.

Wolf Ambassador 32-piece cabinet winder

Let your timepieces do the talking with this understated, elegant 32-piece winder that proudly displays every piece front-facing like badges of honour. The 165cm-tall piece is expertly handcrafted from black piano wood, solid metal, and glass; and features extra space for 8 additional non-winding watches, and 2 travel cases that fit 3 watches each. Every single one of the winding slots can be wirelessly controlled through a bluetooth app that can programme a different rotation cycle for each watch. Watches are protected by a locking tempered glass doors; while each drawer features a 3-digit combination lock.

Scatola del Tempo Empire XXL

We can already imagine this standing next to the wine racks: Italian watch winder manufacturers Scratola del Tempo has come up with a stand tower-like winder that stores up to 9 timepieces, with 3 separate sections for different winding programmes. The luxurious storage unit comes covered in plush Nubuck leather, which is crafted by artisan Italian leather workers to your specified colour, finish, and stitching. In case of a power outage, the unit also comes with a backup battery with enough juice for a month of operation.

Buben & Zorweg X-007 Extreme

Inspired by James Bond, this “vault” from Austrian luxury watch storage manufacturers Buben & Zorweg takes security to the next level. The safe is fitted with a Paxos high security compact locking system used at Swiss banks, and requires an 8-digit code to unlock. To grant access to the watches, the internal display case automatically rises out of the unit to reveal its contents. If that isn’t enough spy-thriller gadgeting, an optional spyglass door hides the contents of the safe, until it is illuminated from the back with LED lighting on command. The safe and winder holds up to 18 watches, and is customisable in a range of materials like high gloss lacquer, leather, hand-polished stainless steel and even gold.

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