Evoke childish innocence with Chat Perché a fragrance from Goutal Maison

Evoke childish innocence with Chat Perché a fragrance from Goutal Maison

Let the innocence of childhood wash over you.

You hear the tinkling of ice cubes in your lemonade as you swirl the straw around the glass, the family tabby cat nuzzles at your ankle while curled atop a sun spot. It’s a beautiful Spring day and the wind carries a cool breeze that rustles your toddlers curls. Giggles and squeals break through the serenity of the afternoon as your child plays around in the garden with her toys, she’s in an imaginary land far far away that you can’t touch, but its ok.

This is the delicate scent of Chat Perché, a fragrance befitting of both mothers and young children with a scent that does well in capturing the memories of childhood. The fragrance brings forth a mischievous and playful air inspired by the botanical explorations of young children and their never-ending games in the garden. Chat Perché captures these whimsically nostalgic moments with their accents of nasturtium and crunchy greens balanced out by gentle notes of sweet pea and lemon blossom for a lively olfactory experience, with an added on cloak of white musk for an added level of depth to the fragrance. 

Chat Perché, which directly translates to “perched cat”, is simply a game of tag. However the relation to cats have inspired the packaging of the fragrance with little cat symbols adorning the box of the fragrance. Be it whether you are a fan of delicate scents, or you would like to obtain a scent that will be loved by both your toddler and yourself, Goutal Maison’s Chat Perché is the way to go this season.


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