Go down the garden path in Diptyque's Garden of Hesperides collection

Go down the garden path in Diptyque’s Garden of Hesperides collection

Let the fresh fruits and flowers awaken your senses

Frolic through the mythical Garden of Hesperides in Diptyque’s newest Jardin des Hesperides collection, inspired by the immortally beautiful and sensual Hesperides nymphs of Greek mythology. The Hesperides were tasked to look after Hera’s bountiful orchard where the ‘golden apples’ of immortality grew. These precious golden apples are now known to have referred to oranges, and the citrus fruit in all its forms are key ingredients in the collection. Through rediscovered ancient beauty secrets, Diptyque invites you to take a break and indulge your face and body.

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Jardin des Hesperides Invigorating Body Balm

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