For the love of starstruck wonder

For the love of starstruck wonder

Star Wars fan William Wong has a collection many would envy but is more than willing to share it for all to see at Pop! in Jaya One.

Bina Tetap Tiara Sdn Bhd Executive Director William Wong is a massive Star Wars fan who has a collection that spans across the classic to modern era of the massive science-fiction franchise.

Not one to keep his collection to himself, Wong entertained the idea of exhibiting his collection at Pop! in Jaya One for all to see.

I grew up with Star Wars since I was a young boy. Return of the Jedi was the first movie I saw of the series in the cinema and I was 12 years old then. It resonated deeply within me. As a collector, Iron Man is what kickstarted my collection to what it is today as I only began collecting Star Wars memorabilia after that.

My first piece from the series was a statue of Darth Vader, actually. I was quite reluctant to get into Star Wars at the time, because I knew if I did, I would get into trouble. Once I bought the piece, I really came to love it, and wondered what harm it could do to just get it. It did a lot of harm. I brought it back, opened it and put it up, and was in awe. That was how it all began.

I started to add to my collection up by getting the new pieces that were being released before hunting for the older ones that I had missed out on. I also did not know at the time that they made lightsaber replicas until I watched a Youtube video of a collector who had filmed his own collection. When I saw all the props within his collection, I was shocked and wanted to know where he got them from. It was all done online on websites like eBay, so I took to it.

An AT-AT Studio scale model replica, one of William Wong’s prized possession.

I was very fortunate when I started hunting that Episode VII (Star Wars: The Force Awakens) was not out yet. So, at that time, the price was still manageable. I have a budget, so when I shop, I patiently wait for pieces that are close to my budget to come along. With things like autographs, I tend to not trust the buyer. I go on Google and search for authentic signatures from those actors myself, then I compare them to the photos the buyer has posted up online and check for similarities. Once I am satisfied, I will take the risk. I have autographs from both the old and newer casts, but the pride and joy of my collection are the AT-AT Studio scale model replica, my lightsaber replicas and my 5ft long Jabba the Hutt sail barge, a scaled model and built from scratch.

How my current exhibition at Pop! came to be was that a friend, who knew about my collection, asked me to exhibit it during the Star Wars: Force Awakens premiere. They needed a collector to display his pieces, so the organiser visited me to examine my collection.

After the premiere exhibition, my brother, Charles, asked me if I would be interested in displaying my Star Wars collection in Pop!, a pop-up retail space in Jaya One. He was thinking of opening up a merchandise corner focusing more on toys and memorabilia related to Marvel, DC and Star Wars. He knew a lot of my collection was unopened, so he wanted to provide me with a space to exhibit my collection. Instead of just creating a display, I decided to provide each piece with a plaque describing the background of the character or prop, and fleshing out the Star Wars universe even more. As it was not a very big place, it heightened the experience.

I had to design a shelf space in a way that Pop! could also sell things, so there is a space in the middle where people can rent the space and sell their merchandise while my collection is displayed around it. The display was a pilot project, in collaboration with me and Pop! to see if it worked, so we are happy with where it is now. The good thing is I get to see my collection every day.

A personalised signed photograph of a young Luke Skywalker, alongside a Return of the Jedi ¼ scale statue and a The Last Jedi 1/6 scale model, both of Luke Skywalker.




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