The perfect Ramadan treats for Iftar

The perfect Ramadan treats for Iftar

An alternative to the traditional dates.

01 Armani/Dolci Ramadan 2018

For the celebration of Ramadan Armani/Dolci has just unveiled a new limited edition collection inspired by the colours and flavours of the Arab world. It starts with the sophisticated packaging; gold coloured paper is embossed with a pistachio flower – a plant native to the Middle East – completed by the tassel and hot-pressed logo in a contrasting emerald green. Inside, the delicate praline is made from white chocolate with waves of salted dry fruits and a subtle hint of pistachio. Of course being a Ramadan treat, the chocolates are strictly alcohol-free.

Available at Armani/Dolci sales outlets in Kuwait City, Dubai (Dubai Mall and Mall of Emirates), Kuala Lumpur, Tokyo and Milan, as well as on


02 Patchi 2018 Ramadan Collection

This Ramadan, Patchi was inspired diverse influences including blossoming flowers, summer freshness, and beautiful motifs which shows in the design of their latest Ramadan collection. Innovation, passion, and saviour-faire come together resulting in new chocolate flavours, presented in a rich variety of carton, leather, and tin gift boxes, all designed to add a special touch to your iftars, souhours, gatherings, and blissful Ramadan nights.

For more information please visit


03 Godiva Matcha Soft Serve (Limited Edition)

Matcha and chocolate may not inherently have a direct connection with the Ramadan month but one look at the colour and you’re instantly reminded of the festivities to come at the end of the fasting period. The bittersweet matcha from Kagoshima, Japan pairs perfectly with the decadent dark chocolate from Godiva to offer an irresistible treat. This Matcha soft serve is served in a waffle cone dipped in chocolate and praline almond mix and finished with a Godiva chocolate square.

Available at Godiva Pavilion KL, Suria KLCC, NU Sentral, Bangsar Shopping Centre, MyTown, Gurney Paragon and Johor Bahru City Square.

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