Sampling the many fineries of the new Krug 2004

Sampling the many fineries of the new Krug 2004

Bring on the bubbly.

Since its inception, the house of Krug has been bringing people together to celebrate the most memorable moments of life and love. The history of this revered house of champagne can be traced to 1843, when the visionary Joseph Krug decided he would offer his discerning clients only the very best champagne regardless of annual variations in climate. To accomplish his goal, the founder decided to concoct an original approach to champagne-making that would involve striking a fine balance between paying close attention to the vineyard’s character and using the resulting wines to build an extensive reserve library over many different years. This method allowed Krug to create the fullest expression of champagne every year without fail, while ensuring that the final product produced not only of the same level of distinction but would also perfectly capture a particular expression of nature itself.

The Krug 2004. Scent: ginger, candied citrus and quince, followed by lemon meringue tart, plum and Mirabelle. Sip: Light notes of brioche and honey, followed by an array of fresh citrus flavours.

Six generations later, the descendants of Joseph Krug remain steadfast to the founder’s uncompromising philosophy, which has served as a driving force to the house of Krug’s continuous success. It was recently when the champagne house revealed its latest pride and joy during an exclusive media luncheon held at the acclaimed Enfin by James Won in Kuala Lumpur. As the latest shining addition to the Vintage Champagne collection, the Krug 2004 was a long-awaited project that took 12 years to bubble to the surface. Featuring a harmonious blend of three grape varieties that were left in cellars to mature in peace for over a decade, this sophisticated vintage presents a delicious mix of shining Chardonnay (39 per cent), Pinot Noir (37 per cent) and Meunier (24 per cent). Deemed as ‘Luminous Freshness’ by Krug, which could also be attributed to the champagne’s dazzling hue in light gold, each rewarding sip of the Krug 2004 presents bountiful notes of refreshing citrus that simply dances on the palate while evoking images of early summer mornings spent luxuriating in the historical Champagne province located in the northeast of France.


Inspired by the luminous freshness of the Krug 2004, these delectable dishes were meticulously prepared by the talented team at Enfin, led by Malaysia’s one and only official Moët Hennessy Ambassador, Chef James Won.

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Now here’s a delightful dish that will entice anyone with a green thumb. Presented on a sleek slate tile, this whimsical dish includes a crisp baby baguette stick with a hint of sambal olek for heat, topped with delicate edible flowers and savoury bits of chicken skin; a flaky yam ball stuffed with a delectable mix of petit pois (small peas), ikura (red caviar) and barbequed shallot; and a melt-in-your-mouth mushroom made of rich foie gras, black cherries and nuts coated in white chocolate.

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