Get ready for the grand Louis XIII Le Mathusalem.

Get ready for the grand Louis XIII Le Mathusalem.


Devotees of Louis XIII are as appreciative of the cognac as well as the iconic decanter that holds the elixir within. Crafted of pure crystal by Baccarat, a close partner of Louis XIII since 1936, the decanter, inspired by an ancient royal flask unearthed from a battlefield in 1850, requires hours of handiwork and years of savoir faire to produce its distinctive shape and fleur-de-lys medallions that are recognised the world over.

For the first time ever, Louis XIII will produce a Mathusalem edition in crystal, each of which hand-blown by 25 Baccarat craftsmen in a perfectly synchronised choreography that turns a ball of fire into a masterpiece that will hold six litres of exemplary cognac made up of 1,200 eaux-de-vie, the youngest of which is at least 40 years old. A very limited number of Louis XIII Le Mathusalem will be made, each individually numbered and presented in a luxurious display chest featuring eight crystal glasses – by Baccarat, of course – housed in a dedicated case, a serving platter and a pipette in honour of the ancestral tasting and serving rituals of cellar masters.

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