TUMI’s Fall 2018 release brings the soldier out to play

TUMI’s Fall 2018 release brings the soldier out to play

Camo chic

Camouflage is a long-standing motive in fashion, and the unmistakable design is continuously being reinvented in different colours, shapes and styles of wear. This season is not exempted from the trend, as TUMI unleashes camo prints in its Voyageur line from its Fall/ Winter collection 2018. With a chockfull of camo options for both men and women, you’ll be spoiled for choice.

Their Camo Floral design is a more playful and chic take on the classic camouflage, incorporating blooming white flowers and fine stripes in monochrome hues. The design is clearly camo on first glance, but a closer look reveals a softer side to the military edge. The Camo Floral print is available for two products in the Voyageur line, the Mauren tote and the Hagen backpack as well as on the International Expandable Carry-On luggage.

If floral isn’t for you, then the Restoration print harkens to the more traditional camo design. Available in Artic, Charcoal and Navy, the Restoration is camo unbounded, with the different shades running into each other to create a design that feels more liberated.

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