These Travel Options prove that sometimes the Journey is more important than the destination

These Travel Options prove that sometimes the Journey is more important than the destination

By air, land or sea.


Time is money, so how about saving time while making money by taking meetings mid-air aboard a private jet of your own? Look no further than the Legacy 450 by Embraer. The mid-light jet has a flying range of up to 2,900 nautical miles with four passengers – which lets you fly to various cities, including New Delhi, Perth and Seoul, from Kuala Lumpur in a reduced-noise cabin. However, the most impressive feat of the aircraft is the Full Fly-by-Wire flight controls rarely seen in its peers. The technology uses electrical computermonitor systems to control the aircraft’s rudders and wing flaps that increases accuracy and safety in the aircraft’s operations. Knowing that you’re safe and sound, it’s so much easier to enjoy the well-designed interiors of the posh cabin perfected in partnership with BMW.



For those who wish to test their limits, a trip to explore the surreal landscapes of Iceland is simply a must. Here, one can find themselves trekking through all kinds of extreme terrain that include an untamed mingling of rocky deserts, jagged peaks, glaciers, hot springs and more. Naturally, most of these amazing places are also very difficult to access by land, which is why your best bet would be to sign up for a helicopter tour with Momentum Adventure. If you’re feeling extra bold, you can also ask to visit to the magnificent burning volcanoes that have resided for eons in the northern side of this Nordic island country.



There’s simply no better escape for the equestrian enthusiast than by signing up for a grand horseback adventure to uncover the hidden secrets of Patagonia, a sparsely populated region that encompasses the southern cone of South America. Available through Explora Patagonia, one can experience the joys of nature while riding on the backs of the Criollo, a native horse breed that was designed to tackle the challenging valleys, rivers and beech forests that make up the local terrain. After a long day of riding free, be sure to indulge in an asado while trading stories of your grand adventure with the local gauchos.



Benetti Yachts brings unbeatable luxury and an unforgettable experience to the high seas with the stunning 65m Ambrosia yacht. As one of the most luxurious vessels presented at the 2017 Singapore Yacht Show, it’s one of Benetti’s largest and most technologically sophisticated projects. The sixdeck yacht was custom built in 2005, with the elegant exterior and interior styling designed by Stefano Natucci and François Zuretti. It can comfortably accommodate up to 12 guests and 20 crew members onboard. It also boasts amenities such as a helipad on the top deck, outdoor sundecks with a spa pool, entertainment and VIP staterooms on the upper deck, and the world famous Stargate dining room at the stern.



For those who prefer to live by their own rules, look no further than this epic adventure that involves journeying down the best roads in Switzerland while behind the wheels of a roaring motorcycle. Organised by experienced tour operators from all over the globe, the Harley-Davidson Authorised Tour is a pleasurepacked expedition that offers plenty of opportunity to discover Switzerland’s rich history and fascinating culture, all while relishing in the freedom of freeway riding.



Explore the gems of India in style on the most opulent train – Palace on Wheels – to take you on a journey of sand dunes and magnificent palaces. A majestic charm and the best of Indian hospitality comes together to offer a trip to the forts and palaces of Rajasthan in seven days. Completely self-sufficient and fully air-conditioned, the coach comprises 14 deluxe saloons that have been especially facilitated to provide guests all the modern amenities of daily life – with an extra dose of majestic regalia. Each saloon has four cabins attached with a bath and shower. To satisfy hunger pangs, Palace on Wheels also houses two restaurants cum kitchen cars that offer traditional Indian, Continental and Chinese cuisine with the chef’s special variety of the day. For moments of winding down or relaxing, a fully stocked bar also serves Indian liquor and a fine selection of whisky, wine and cocktails. Families can also reap from this experience, as games will be provided to entertain children.

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