This Tesla car armed with bulletproof glass will protect you on the roads

This Tesla car armed with bulletproof glass will protect you on the roads

You no longer have to fear being attacked in the safety of your car.

You could have an impenetrable fortress of a home, but that counts for nothing when you’re out on the open roads with loved ones. That is, unless you procure this beefy version of a Tesla Model X, courtesy of US-based retrofitting firm Armormax. Bulletproof glass and steel aside, it’s got enough toys to keep even Bond villains at bay.

ROAD RUNNER - They may think they have you after slashing your tyres – but yours can run while flat for a good 80km.

MIC CHECK - Everything else is useless if you lower your window to speak to a bandit masquerading as an officer. Use the external communications system instead, which allows you to converse with strangers from the safety of your cabin.

HANDS OFF - Would-be Intruders are in for a rude shock – electrified door handles prevent entry by force.

BULLETS BEGONE - Lightweight ballistic shielding and layered glass and acrylic sheets let you shrug off gunfire, while adding little weight to the already fast car.

CATCH ME IF YOU CAN - A road tack- dispensing system secures a swift exit – pursuers are going to find themselves on flat tyres that, unlike yours, won’t work.


Luxe wheels to excite every type of driver.

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It was a matter of time before the Prancing Horse 488s went turbo. The new Ferrari Pista brings the 3.9-litre twin-turbo V8s to bear, but drops 90kg from its previous form to hit 711bhp and a century sprint of 2.85 seconds. As for the name? Everyone expected it to be “Scuderia” or “GTO”; “Pista” simply means “track”.

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