Samsung’s new The Frame TV is basically a frame that is a TV

Samsung’s new The Frame TV is basically a frame that is a TV

When it’s on it’s a TV when it’s off, it’s a picture frame!

The race for better LED TVs started with the panels. As the competing manufacturers managed to get these panels to a fantastic level of quality, they soon found themselves in a stalemate. Then came the battle to make them the thinnest and now, when yet another stalemate has been met on that front, LED TV manufacturers have to think of yet another unique way to pull away from the pack. This idea of making TVs that step out of the conventional norm is probably where Samsung’s latest The Frame TV comes in.

The name says it all with this TV from Samsung. It is a TV that has been designed to be one when you need it to be but when it’s not in use, it doubles up as a frame that will let you display anything from famous works of art to family photos.

Available in 55 or 65-inches, The Frame was designed by the Swiss Designer and entrepreneur Yves Behar and the starkest contrast between it and a conventional tv is of course the customisable frame options including Walnut, Beige wood and White depending on the look and feel of the space that it sits in. Then when you switch the TV off, the Art Mode feature kicks in, displaying 100 exclusive works of art by 37 renowned designers. And all of this is controllable by a simple app on your smartphone.

What makes this TV even more frame-like is the fact that it has Samsung’s no gap mount that holds it flush against the wall and a clever Invisible Connection feature that will let you connect the TV to everything else (Astro decoder, gaming consoles, Blu-Ray player) via a super thin wire that can barely be seen.

Samsung’s The Frame TV is currently available with prices starting from MYR9,999 for the 55-inch model and MYR14,999 for the 65-inch model.


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