The Peak and Armani/Fiori presents: Living Art

The Peak and Armani/Fiori presents: Living Art

Bespoke works of art that can breathe new life into any environment.

A good work of art, whether it is a painting or a sculpture, undoubtedly brings a sense of personality and sophistication to any room. And the floral arrangements from Armani/Fiori are just that; more than a bunch of flowers thrown together, they are lavishly crafted as living works of art.

For Gorgio Armani, the relationship between clothes and living areas has always been two harmonious elements in a continuum. And somewhere within that spectrum the arrangements and decorative elements of Armani/Fiori finds its place. Famously utilizing clean lines and sophisticated colours, it mirrors Armani’s philosophy that private luxury is never ostentatious.

Image from Armani/Fiori

Clients – whether private, from a hotel or a company – are offered a bespoke experience, where Armani/Fiori takes time to dissect each request and ultimately guide them to their ideal floral arrangements or décor. Each element will be carefully curated; from the right flowers and leaves to the vases, flowerpots, candles and lanterns, resulting in a final art piece capable of breathing new life into whichever space it rests in.

Armani/Fiori was founded in 2000 and in Kuala Lumpur, its floral boutique can be found exclusively at Starhill Gallery.


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