5 of the most luxurious grooming products for men

5 of the most luxurious grooming products for men

Take your grooming experience to the next level with these products that prove you can never pamper yourself too much.

Penhaligon’s ‘Bayolea Hair & Body Wash’

This two-in-one wash from legendary British perfumers features notes of their scent of the same name. Refresh with top notes like tangerine and lemongrass; which reveals a warming heart of cardamom, neroli and black pepper and masculine base aromas.

Acqua di Parma Collezione Barbiere shaving cream and Colonia aftershave balm

Italian lifestyle and perfume house Acqua di Parma’s shaving cream features soothing hyaluronic acid, eudermic oils, and botanicals for a slick shave that does not dry out the skin. They’re also not a perfume house for nothing — the cream has a luxurious, citrusy perfume that lasts. Follow up your shave with their soothing balm that’s formulated to be non-greasy, with ginseng extract.

Edwin Jagger silver tip badger shaving brush

This hard chrome-lined brush is filled with hand-tied bristles made from silver tipped badger hair, which is widely considered to be one of the best materials for this due to its softness and ability to retain water and work up a rich, creamy lather.

Damascene straight edge razor

While safety razors are ubiquitous, straight razors still give the closest shave. For the ultimate shave: the Damascene straight edge razor from the London-based Hommage. The blade on this one is made from “Damascus steel”, a layered, reinforced metal that features a distinctive rose and torison pattern caused by varying carbon levels in the material — making it exceptionally durable and sharp. Each razor is made to order, and comes in a lacquered Tanzanian wood box made by Italian artisans. The set also includes a leather strap, and a complimentary grooming experience with a world-renowned Hommage-certified master barber. 

Patricks ‘S2 Shine Finish Medium Hold Pomade

While hair-styling products can sometimes cause scalp damage, the pomade from Australian brand Patricks does the opposite. The medium hold pomade nourishes the hair and scalp, preventing hair-loss and moisturising while keeping your ‘do in place. There’s also a fragrance, with a formulation of red clover, sage and saw palmetto.

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