Photography by Raisa Azzam


How are things over at TAG Heuer?

We’ve been doing very well, especially after the launch of our Connected Watch back in November 2015. The sales were so good that we actually ran out of stock at one point, so we will definitely continue developing this concept. In fact, it was during Baselworld 2016 that we introduced a programme for our connected watch users. After two years, they can upgrade their connected watch into a mechanical watch by paying a small fee.

Speaking of Baselworld, tell us more about the Carrera Heuer-02 Tourbillon.

The response has been overwhelming; not only does it have a COSC-certified flying tourbillon, but it is also at least half the price of other similar models that are out in the market. The real idea behind the Carrera Heuer-02 Tourbillon was to challenge ourselves with creating a flying tourbillon model at a competitive price; and we were able to achieve this by reducing the production costs without sacrificing on quality. This is why the construction of the case and movement is actually similar to the Carrera Calibre Heuer 01, with the exception of the flying tourbillon.

Some critics have expressed concerns that the Carrera Heuer-02 Tourbillon could potentially spoil the market. What are your thoughts on this?

There are lots of watch brands who can also create tourbillon models and offer them at a higher price. For TAG Heuer, we want to develop a variety of models that are also accessible. If you were to look at the Swiss watch industry as a staircase, TAG Heuer would represent the very first step. This is also why most people looking to own their very first serious watch will usually go for a TAG Heuer.


It’s certainly been an exciting year for TAG Heuer. How does the brand manage to keep the momentum going?

This all boils down to two things: product offerings and marketing strategies. For TAG Heuer, our goal is to develop reliable and innovative timepieces that will cater to our target market. If I had to describe this, it would be somebody bold, young, rebellious and connected to tomorrow’s world. So whenever we decide to launch something new, we must always keep them in mind.


What else can you tell us about the brand’s marketing strategy?

There has been a lot of changes in these last two years. TAG Heuer is now more involved in international sports such as football – which is a huge platform for us as it not only connects us with our customers but also the younger generation.

Why is it important to reach out to the younger generation?

We believe that today’s younger generation represents  the customers of tomorrow. As I mentioned earlier, a TAG Heuer watch is usually the first serious timepiece that person will invest. But these days, people have so many options available and they don’t even feel the need to wear a wristwatch. What we are trying to do is communicate a message that wearing a Swiss timepiece is actually something quite cool.

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