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Lobby Lounge at 98 Wireless

                                   Lobby Lounge at 98 Wireless

With the chic interiors of 98 Wireless, Bangkok’s most exclusive new luxury condominium, inspiring us at The Peak. We get some interior styling tips from Anne Carson, the opulent buildings’ interior designer who spent more than a decade honing her keen eye for style with Ralph Lauren.

Anne Carson

                                              Anne Carson

Could you tell us a little bit of your background?
It started when I first graduated from college and saw a Ralph Lauren job advertisement, where they were looking for an in-house creative designer. I applied for the job and got it. It was a wonderful experience of working on different projects with the amazing styles and designs of the Ralph Lauren world. After a I felt that I’ve grown enough. I left Ralph Lauren and started my own design company, Anne Carson Interiors that has just furnished 98 Wireless, Sansiri’s latest luxury development.


We understand this is your first design project in Asia. How has the experience been so far?
I joined the 98 Wireless team about 4 years ago, when Ralph Lauren Home first introduced me to Sansiri. I was excited about the chance to work in Bangkok for the first time, and thrilled to be able to be part of such a special project.
I’ve really enjoyed working with Sansiri for 98 Wireless and am quite impressed with the dedication of the team as well as the top management. Styling the interiors proved to be a little bit challenging as I had to visualise and predict the expectations of these unknown residents. It’s different from my usual methods of meeting individual clients and truly understanding their personalities and preferences.
However, we made it work and the Sansiri team here in Bangkok together with Design World Partnership (DWP) have been instrumental in translating my ideas to reality in the space. And it’s truly rewarding to see the beautiful interiors come to life.


Apartment No 1 Collection from Ralph Lauren Home

It’s all in the details


What’s your design mantra?
Pay close attention to the details. The final touches and hidden elements are always noticed, if not right away but slowly discovered. This is all part of the experience of enjoying beautifully designed space.


With your treasure trove of design knowledge, we’d love to hear your top tips in creating gorgeous spaces for a home.

  • I think that the best way to start designing a space is to select pieces through time and not look trendy or by the moment. You have to understand and develop a design concept. Then, you have to plan it all out and stick with it, don’t get distracted and fall off track.
  • Classic shapes and balanced proportions help create a comfortable atmosphere.
  • Keep the colour paletteneutral and let the important pieces like antiques and accessories make an impact.
  • Less is more. Find a few amazing elements and stop – do not keep adding to it.
  • Use the best high quality fabrics and mixes of textures with consideration to floor coverings, upholstery fabrics, silks, velvet and luxurious cashmere – you can never go wrong.

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