Cointreau Noir is a new variant of the famous orange liqueur, a mix Cointreau and Rémy Martin cognac.

A blend of Cointreau orange liqueur and Rémy Martin cognac, Cointreau Noir is a fresh and zesty alternative.

La Maison Cointreau, creator of the iconic square-bottled orange liqueur Cointreau, has launched a new variant, Cointreau Noir. The maison’s master distiller, Bernadette Langlais, was inspired by Majestic, a premium blend of Cointreau orange liqueur and cognac crafted by Edouard Cointreau in the early 1900s, adding her own personal touches to create Cointreau Noir.

Recreating Edouard Cointreau’s blend of Cointreau’s sweet and bitter orange peels and Rémy Martin cognac, Langlais enriched the original recipe by adding macerations of nuts and almonds, adding to the sophisticated aromas and complexity. A touch of spice, rounded with notes of vanilla, honey and nuts, allows for a mellow and deliciously smooth drink with a clean finish.

While it is enjoyable as it is or on the rocks, we like the sound of the Millionaire’s Mimosa cocktail – equal parts fresh orange juice and champagne magnified by a healthy dose of Cointreau Noir and garnished with orange peel. Sounds like just the thing to get the party started.

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