The Hennessy VSOP Privilège Collection 7 features a collaboration with Milan-based artistic duo Carnovsky.

Carnovsky sheds new light on Hennessy VSOP Privilège cognac with its ‘RGB’ signature.

Since it was first created in 1818, Hennessy VSOP has remained the ideal expression of a perfectly balanced cognac. As part of the house’s tradition of supporting the arts, Hennessy celebrates VSOP Privilège with annual limited editions by esteemed artists, including, in recent years, acclaimed British graphic artist Peter Saville.

The latest edition is a collaboration with the Milan-based artistic duo Carnovsky, made up of Francesco Rugi and Silvia Quintanilla, who have captured the art world’s attention with an aesthetic that blends 17th century illustrations with the ‘RGB Project’, a digital technique that uses the virtual world’s primary colours: red, green and blue.

The design for the Hennessy VSOP Privilège Collection 7 began with a visit to Cognac, the historic seat of Hennessy. From the maison’s archives, Carnovsky sourced patterns illustrating the fundamental elements of cognac making – sun, earth, grapes, and water – as well as symbols representing Hennessy’s art, such as its coat of arms or the compass. The duo then extrapolated Hennessy’s story into layers, rendering it in ‘RGB’ overlays to illustrate the origin and spirit of Hennessy VSOP Privilège.

To the naked eye, the rendering looks harmoniously singular. Through coloured filters (which are included in the box), however, the three layers reveal unexpected depth:

Red: Symbolising the energies and forces involved in creating Hennessy VSOP Privilège, the red filter highlights the sun and the moon, evoking the time required to mature eaux-de-vie. Hennessy’s mastery of its art is symbolised by the family coat of arms.

Green: In this layer, the lushness of nature comes through in vine shoots, the leaves from antique VSOP labels, the grape and oak trees used to make barrels.

Blue: The dreamscape of a sensorial journey and the experience of tasting Hennessy VSOP Privilège are symbolised by a sailing vessel. A crown nods to the Prince Regent – later King George IV – whose order led to the creation of VSOP Privilège, while a cornucopia signifies the symphony of flavours within.

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The limited edition Hennessy VSOP Privilège Collection 7. Since its creation in 1818, Hennessy VSOP has remained the ideal expression of a perfectly balanced cognac.

The Milan-based artistic duo Carnovsky of Silvia Quintanilla and Francesco Rugi sheds new light on Hennessy VSOP Privilège cognac to celebrate its two-century-old legacy.


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