In a rousing instalment for The Peak’s Speaker Series presented by Tiffany & Co and co-hosted by EY, a select group of guests engaged in an informal debate and discussion surrounding the topic of Leveraging on Today’s Digital Economy. Chaired by The Peak’s Editor-in-Chief Mindy Teh and led by a trio of enthusiastic partners at EY, the event at The Westin Kuala Lumpur got off to a quick start with questions fired off well into the talk. EY’s Shankar Kanabiran, Sungkyu Chang and Freddy Loo engaged guests by starting with a quick presentation of facts and figures noting the rise of the digital economy. A discussion on engaging clients in a new way, addressing a younger audience as well as cutting-edge technologies only served to highlight the brave new world ahead of us.

Chen Tien Yu of Royal Selangor brought up a question on privacy and security, clearly of great concern to those present. A lively conversation ensued on digital ethics, security levels and even the extent to which artificial intelligence has infiltrated into our daily lives, starting with the most imperceptible (social media inceptions) to new developments in online security. Digital ethics were of great concern to the likes of Nik Tasha Nik Kamaruddin of British Malaysian Chamber of Commerce, who also brought up the inevitability of a shift in traditional supply and demand, and brick-and-mortar enterprises. 

Well into the two hours of discussion, guests were still bantering with the EY speakers, with opinions tabled at the delectable sit-down dinner, inviting suggestions that perhaps this was a topic to be continued in an entire series!

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